Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E15 Girl Meets Brother


At the train station, Riley and Maya (dressed in cheerleading attire) didn’t get in the schools cheerleading squad. Maya wonders why they did this, since she didn’t like pom-poms, human pyramids frighten her, and was especially frightened when she saw her legs. Maya invites Riley to go to a store called Demolition, but her 7 o’clock curfew was in 15 minutes. Maya chastises her for still having a curfew, so Riley decides to break her curfew. She asks Maya for her professional opinion on how bad this would be, she assures her that she’d be fine, and it would all blow over Wednesday, and the two take off.

At home, Cory and Topanga are trying to help Auggie find a babysitter, so they can go out for they’re 15th anniversary. Auggie asks them why they want to go out, instead of hang out with him. The girls come in and Riley tries to look like a cool bad kid, but her parents and brother laugh at her, because her curfew was all a lie, and they always knew she’d be home before 7:30. Cory also makes fun of Maya for not being a good bad influence on her, so she takes a throw pillow and two coats as collateral. After the intro, Riley demands a later curfew, Cory tells her she needs proper rest for school, and Topanga asks her what time she wants her curfew to be, Riley asks for 10 o’clock, which Topanga laughs at this and instead gives her an 8 o’clock curfew. Auggie asks for a later curfew too, just so he can go with his parents. Riley also wants to show them that she can be responsible, and Auggie has the perfect solution, to have Riley babysit him. Topanga asks Auggie, if he’s sure about this, he tells her he trusts he with her life. He proceeds to do a trust fall, but Riley doesn’t catch him.

The next night, Auggie’s helping Cory with his tie, and talks about his date, and wonders if he should get married someday, he also reveals that he has a crush on his kindergarten teacher. Topanga getting ready in Riley’s room, she asks her how she looks, and she tells her looks wow. Topanga comes in the living room, leaving Cory breathless, Auggie tells Riley not to go in his room as he heads there. Riley assures the couple that Auggie’s in good hands. Cory decides to give Riley one important lesson before heading out, she gives her an egg, has her name it (Amanda McScrambleface), draw a face on it, and grows attached to it. Topanga asks Riley to let her hold her, and Cory tells her to drop the egg, smashing it on the coffee table. Riley asks what the point of that scarring lesson was, Cory and Topanga explain that her watching Auggie is a huge responsibility, and it’s much different than an egg she knew for a minute and they head out.

After the break, Riley has already fed, clothed, and made sure Auggie used the bathroom, she asked him if she can see his room, but just before they go, Maya buzzes in. Riley lets her in and they watch the season finale of “Red Planet Diaries”. Auggie protests against this, but he just goes to his room alone, Where we see he has his room set up for him and Riley to play pirate adventure.

Meanwhile at the train station, Cory and Topanga (and the extras) are waiting for the trains to show up. An announcer tells the bysytanders that the trains have broken down. Distraught, Cory wonder what to do since he wanted to give Topanga a night of romance and music, they hear music coming from somewhere in the station, they look next to them and see Catfish Willie Slim (played by Herbie Hancock). Cory compliments his music, and Topanga asks what the song is called, and he decides to name the song after Topanga.

Back at home, the girls are still watching their show, until Auggie comes in steals the remote and turns it off. Maya orders him to give it back but he ignores her, calls Riley a bad babysitter, and threatens to drop the remote out the window.

At the train station, Cory and Topanga notice a couple, and starts to reminisce about their first kiss in 6th grade, and Topanga’s proposal at graduation. Cory proposes to Topanga  again and gives her a ring pop with everyone applauding them. Cory also asks a little girl for her horse-on-a-stick (I have no idea what those things are called), and pretends to give Topanga a ride. Missing the kids, Cory and Topanga decides to go home and spy on the kids.

When they arrive Cory and Topanga hear the kids fighting. They sneak in and hid behind the couch. Auggie decides to disown Riley and gives her to Maya, declaring this the worst night ever. Auggie goes to his room and sees his parents, he explains the situation, and tells them to yell at her, But Cory tries to assure him that he’ll want him back, Auggie tells him that if he’s wrong they has to make him a brother.

In Riley’s room, Riley’s still steamed about missing her show, but Maya tells her she shouldn’t be upset with Auggie and should be lucky to have him in his life. Riley tells her that they never pay attention to people who cares about them, enter my favorite comic foil, Farkle! The girls tell him to get lost, but in a moment of leaning against the fourth wall, he points out that when they’re out of school he’s not part of the story. Riley talks about Auggie wanting to show her his room, but Farkle thinks he’s talking about him. Riley goes to talk to Auggie, leaving him and Maya alone, then Maya leaves, leaving Farkle alone.

In the living room, Auggie dresses his Mr. Googly up in Riley’s new shirt, and makes him his sister. Riley comes in and apologizes, and tells his she saw the pirate set-up in his room, and takes him to see that Maya upgraded his room and made look more like a pirate ship. The three play pirate and patches things up. Auggie sees Cory and Topanga watching out the window, and tells them he doesn’t want another brother. Farkle comes up behind the couple, and Cory has him give Topanga the diamond bracelet she wanted. She hugs and kisses Farkle and he faints while Cory catches him.

The next day, Cory ‘s making scrambled eggs for breakfast, which disgusted Riley after their killing of Amanda. Cory gives everyone they’re plates and Riley gives each respective person around the table a backstory for their plate of eggs, making them give their plates back to Cory. After that, Cory decides that they’re just going to go out for pancakes.


This was a fun episode, as always Auggie was such a delight to watch. I was wonder when he was going to get an episode focused on him and the four writer that brought us this did a superb job. We did not get one scene at school was a welcome change of pace. The flashbacks from Boy Meets World are always fun to watch, the cameo from Herbie Hancock was cool, and the scenes with Farkle semi-breaking the fourth wall was hilarious. I also loved how they teased the possibility of Cory and Topanga possibly having another baby, I guessing we’ll see this happen by the end of the series. And with that said, we’re officially caught up with Girl Meets World. Tomorrow is the big Christmas reunion episode, I’ll be live tweeting during the episode. If you have a twitter account, and plan on live tweeting be sure to use the hashtag #ShawnIsBack. And lastly, I will post the spoiler post sometime this weekend, or next week.


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