Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E14 Girl Meets Friendship


“Kirby’s” official character name is revealed in this post! keep a look out!

The episode starts with a campaign video for Riley, who is running for seventh grade  princess (president). In the video, Riley, who is riding a horse, wearing a horn on it’s head promises to abolish studying, and ridding the school of meddling teachers, like Cory.

After the intro, we flashback to the classroom four weeks before the election, if no one figured it out yet, today’s lesson is on democracy. Cory explains about democracy being a power for the people by the people, he asks if anyone knew about another form of democracy that doesn’t work for the people, Farkle raises his hand and, answers with dictators, which he loves, and hopes to be someday. Lucas walks in, just getting back from visting his friends in Texas. Of course, Maya makes fun of him by singing a mocking song about him, and he accompanies her on harmonica, annoyed that she can’t phase him, she stops. Cory announces the seventh grade student council elections are coming (and he’s running it), which no one but Farkle cares about. Cory asks why everyone’s groaning, Riley tells it’s cause someone always runs, and makes promises they can’t keep, nobody ever does anything (you know, an election!). Riley asks Cory if he can change the election somehow, Cory decides to let the students run in any form of government they choose since they’re learning various forms of government. Farkle nominates himself as dictator, Cory tells him he can’t nominate himself, but some mysterious kid (named Brandon), nominates him. Lucas asks who the kid is, Riley describes him as a rebel, Lucas asks what he is to everyone, Farkle describes him as a good guy, a moral compass, so Cory asks him to represent democracy, though Lucas has some reserves with elections since he never got to vote on weather or not he could stay in Texas. Riley nominates him, and seconds the motion. Maya asks her why she would do that since he’s her competition, Riley reminds her that she isn’t running, but Maya has plans for her. Lucas decides to take the plunge and decides to serve as the representative for democracy and thanks Riley for the nomination.

Out in the hallway, Maya’s talks to Riley about being the voice for strong willed women if she join the election, but Riley stops her to say that she wants to be a princess. Maya obliges to her crazy dream, and will help her represent monarchy as her manager.

Back at home, as Riley shows Cory her campaign signs, Topanga comes in completely exhausted from trying to put Auggie to sleep, since it’s her night to do so. Auggie comes in, and Cory decides to let Auggie watch the last minutes of a baseball game, but because no one scored any points, the game ran all night (26 innings). The next day, Auggie is so exhausted, he falls a sleep in his cereal. As Topanga carries Auggie to his room, she tries to berate Cory for allowing this to happen, but he fake falls asleep in his cereal to get out of the rant.

Back at school, with the election in three days, the kids give their opening presentations, Lucas explains that everyone deserves the right to vote because if it’s taken away you’d end up with: Dictator Farkle, with Sarah and Darby serving as his “Dictatorettes”. He asks the students to join the Farkle Nation, they could care less. Until he gave them free t-shirts. Riley tries to sway the students by trying to address the issues, but Maya points out that no seems to care about the issues. Now that Farkle officially won the students as his army, Riley needs a kingdom, Maya realizes she needs a unicorn, or at least a horse that they can make over to look like a unicorn.

In Riley’s room, the girls groom a white stallion, Topanga comes in, but due to the late nights with she’s had with Auggie lately, was too tired to be shocked by this, she even thinks it’s Cory. She gives Riley a princess hat she was going to burn as protest when she young, but saved it because of how pretty it looked.

The next day, we’re back to the present, it 2 days before the election, and the students are watching the candidates’ election videos, Riley goes first, Cory has high hopes for her, until Farkle shows his video, which shows that he came in her room, and filmed the girls grooming the horse, they try to defend the video and the horse. But after that violation of their privacy, tells him not to talk to her. Lucas tells them to stop and to not go after Farkle, Maya complies. The bell rings and Maya decides they’ll go after Lucas instead. Riley tells her not to, but ignores her. Riley tells her if she finds out anything about him to keep it to herself.

Later that night, Topanga’s sleeping on the couch while Auggie’s reading a book, he finds himself struggling with a word in the book, and tries to wake Topanga up to help him pronounce it, by hitting her with pillows. Cory walks in, stops him, and gathers all the pillows, which turned out to be the word he was struggling with. Topanga wakes up, and the two talk about their ordeal trying to put Auggie to sleep. Auggie comes close to sleeping on the two’s laps, and Cory gives her this victory, but she’s too fast asleep to hear. As he walks away, Auggie wakes up, and finishes his story.

The next day (1 day before the election), Maya’s upset that she can’t find anything to use against Lucas, until Lucas just happens to be in the middle of a phone call with his father, hoping to find something to use against him, the girls eavesdrop. Lucas is arguing with his father about wanting to go back to Texas to see his friends, he also tells him that he never wanted to go to his current school. When he sees the girls, he hangs up and asks if they’re going to use this against him, Riley tells him she wouldn’t do that, but Maya however would, especially since she recorded the entire conversation. Lucas walks away, Riley tells her to get rid of it, Maya ignores her and tells her she knows exactly what she’s going to do, but so does Riley.

Finally the big day is here, as Cory announce who will lead the seventh grade class (dictatorship, democracy, or monarchy), Riley and Maya come in with one more campaign video, while Cory tells them it’s too late to show election videos since all the votes are in, but Riley explains it’s not about votes it’s about Lucas. Cory asks him if he knows about this, and he tells him yes, and Cory gives the girls the go ahead. Cory play the video, but instead of Lucas talking to his father, it’s his friends Asher and Dylan giving their support for their abroad friend, and even gives their support for Riley and Maya for helping him. Farkle and the girls steps down from the election making Lucas the winner by default, and repairing their friendships.

After the election, Lucas nominates Farkle as his vice president, since he knows if something happens to Lucas, he can be president. He accepts with an evil grin on his face. Lucas also appoints Maya as his secretary of state, at first she’s offended by the idea of being a secretary, but Brandon explains that he thinks highly of her, and would serve as his advisor to the world, and she accepts. Riley asks him what she is to him, Lucas calls the horse, the two get on the horse, Lucas calls her a princess and the two ride off together.

At home, we finally learn why Auggie can’t sleep, it’s because he can’t sleep without both his parents together. As the entire family sit together on the couch, Auggie, Topanga, and Riley fall asleep together as Cory comforts them.


This was a good episode, the episode used the idea of a class election, but gave it it’s own twist on thing by adding the ideas the various forms of government, the kids and Auggie got some of development, and we see some major the Riley and Lucas relationship. Now on to the good news, yesterday the GMWwriters hosted a Q and A session on Twitter, and I participated in it. we got a lot of major spoilers for the show’s first, second, and future seasons I might do a seperate post, I’m still in the middle of thinking about it, but I digress, I asked the writers three questions about weather or not they’ve seen the recaps, and if Geralyn would ever come back to the show, but the biggest reveal is about Darby Walker’s character, I asked them what her name was, and the writers revealed that her character’s name is Darby. And yes, I’m sure everyone is probably thinking to themselves “What a minute that’s jut her real name, that’s so uncreative” Well I just tell people like that not to worry about these things, and to just enjoy the show and to just enjoy yourself. That goes for you all too! But again I digress, all recaps mentioning Darby (under her placeholder name) will be updated. Next in our final recap before Friday, we finally get an Augie focused episode.

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