Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E13 Girl Meets Flaws


At school, Cory announces to the class the end of the year graduation and awards ceremony, Maya has an outburst for not getting an award, and coaxes Riley into joining her. Until, Cory reveals that Maya’s receiving the Griff Hawkins Totally Cool Award, Lucas and a student named Billy Ross (who I’m sure is NOT the antagonist of the episode) are tied for the Scholar Athlete Award. They do a cool guy handshake, while everyone watches. Riley says to Maya that they need a handshake, and they do the “Stop It” routine again. After that, Cory announces that Farkle’s being awarded the Joseph T.R. Epstein Confidence Award. He goes to congratulate him, but instead finds a webcam connected to a speakerphone, and a recording stating that he’s not here and gives him several options for communication (1 for questions, 2 for comments, 3 for billing options), Cory asks where he is, but is put on hold. As the bell rings, Riley and Maya stay behind, Riley complains about not getting nominated, since she feels invisible. Farkle assures her that sometimes it’s nice to be invisible.

After the intro, we learn that Farkle is in the janitor’s office with Harley. He congratulates him on his award, and asks when he’s leaving his office, he also asks why he’s hiding, Farkle tells him that he wouldn’t understand, to which Harley replies, he knows what he might be dealing with, he’s not proud of how he knows but he knows. The kids and Billy regroup, and give their progress on finding Farkle, Lucas looked in the library, and Billy looked in the baseball field, Maya asks Billy if he was even trying, to which he tells her no (hint, hint). Harley gives Farkle back to the kids, Lucas asks him what’s going on and calls him buddy, Farkle asks if Lucas really is his friend. Maya tells him to tell them what’s going on, Farkle tells them that someone made fun of his turtlenecks and that they made him look weird. Maya tells him he is weird, Riley tries to defend Maya rebutle, but she points out that he knows he’s weird and embraces that fact, it’s what makes him unique. Farkle asks what good is being unique someone knows you’re not.

Later that night, Cory and Topanga are enjoying a quiet night together since, Riley staying over Maya’s and Auggie’s staying with his grandparents (presumably Alan and Amy), as they start to really enjoy their privacy, Ava waltzes in, Topnaga tells them that Augie’s gone away, but Ava tells them that her mother said that they could watch her, while she argues with her father. She also tells her that she can’t throw her out either, even though she loves that, but promises that could probably do it later.

The next day, Cory teaches the class about people that influenced the world, he starts off with Gandhi, he asks the kids what he did to change the world, Maya thinks he freed Ireland, Cory corrects her, but she still stands by her answer. Cory asks what Jackie Robinson did for change, Billy answers with first Irish guy to play in Major Leagues after Gandhi freed him. Cory almost decides to quit, but Farkle (via speakerphone) tells him not to quit, and Cory tells him to come back to class, Farkle’s faking sick and tells him he doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Getting back to the lesson, asks what Malala Yousafzai did for change, Riley answers that she fought against Taliban for women’s education, and became the first teenaged winner of the Nobel Prize. Cory explains that sometimes the world will present them with a challenge, and asks if they’ll have the courage to stand up to anyone who tries to crush your spirit. Riley asks to be excused, when asked why, she tells Cory the world gave her an opportunity. Riley comes in the janitor’s office and tells Farkle to come back to class, but he assures her that he’s fine. Farkle gives Harley his collection of turtlenecks. Riley grabs Farkle by his shirt, demanding to know what’s going on, he tells him that somebody called him the biggest nothing in the school and doesn’t deserve friends like Riley, Maya, and Lucas, she hugs Farkle after hearing this.

After the break, Riley tells him, that it wasn’t OK for someone to say that to him. Harley interjects telling the kids how cruel kids can cruel to each other, As Maya and Lucas walk in, he reveals his checkered past to the kids, and explains how “someone they know and love” was a victim of Harley’s bullying, but his will was so strong, that their relationship, and that person helped him get a job at the school, and now Harley holds him in the highest esteem. That person was Cory, or as Harley calls him “Johnny Baboon”. Cory comes in, sees Farkle and asks if he’s alright and if he’ll be in class tomorrow, he tells them yes and the four depart.

At home, Riley and Maya invites Lucas to the window, he asks if they ever talk about him, which makes Riley nervous, but the trio focuses on what’s really important, finding out who’s picking on Farkle. Cory comes in and informs the trio that they have one day to figure out what’s going on with Farkle, otherwise they go to an adult. Maya points out that if they knew who this guy was, Lucas could take him, Lucas ells her that all those people on the black board didn’t become who they were by resorting to the methods of their tormentors, since it isn’t the solution of an intelligent person. Enter Cory, with the most pyschotic look on his face, as he realizes there’s a boy is in his daughter’s room, and chases Lucas out the window, grabbing one of his boots, which Riley takes from him and cuddles with it.

The next day at gym, the girls and Lucas wonder where Farkle was since he promised not miss anymore classes. Billy comes in and asks if Lucas wanted play some baseball after school, Lucas turns down the invite, due to helping his friend. Billy tells him to forget about him, and calls him a nothing, after the revelation that his friend was the villain all along, he shoves him against the wall. After the break, Lucas is on the verge of fighting him, until Maya stops him, he reminds her that this was her idea, but Billy keeps putting more fuel in the fire pointing out that Lucas won’t lay finger on him, due to his “perfect” demeanor. He also believes that their teammates come first, before whatever, Riley and Maya are. Lucas sets him straight, telling him that he can depend on Farkle, he’s loyal, and most of all he’s his best friend. Farkle, who was hanging at the top of a climbing rope, heard the whole thing and calls Lucas his best friend too. As Riley and Maya grab some mats for Farkle to land on when he lets go of the rope, Lucas asks why Billy only hangs out with people on the baseball team, Billy tries to shake off the question, Lucas also tells him that friend like Farkle don’t just fall out of thin air (cue Farkle fall out of thin air). Billy walks away, but not before Harley gives him a glimpse of what his future could hold if he doesn’t change the way he thinks. Maya knowing Riley better than anyone cues her best friend to wonder what they’re going to do about Billy.

The next day, while eating breakfast, the girls talk to Cory about Billy. Cory explains that at their age, kids are trying to figure out who they are, and that no one walks around with sings telling you what they are (cue Ava walking in with a t-shirt say “Spoiled Rotten” and Cory wondering “What do I know?”). She demands her breakfast from Topanga, and the two engage in western-style standoff, until Topanga lifts up Ava, and kisses her cheek, telling her to never change, and Ava tells her if she ever wants to do that again it’s OK with her, thus ending their feud (?). Of course, this was all for Riley’s benefit, which gives her an idea…

In class, Cory walks in and sees everyone (except Billy) with their greatest flaws written on their foreheads, (Riley’s insecure, Maya’s broken, Lucas’ Mr. Perfect, Farkle’s nothing, and Sarah’s afraid). Cory asks what the deal is, Darby (who’s flaw is being a tattletale), tells him what Riley wrote on their heads. Cory asks Riley for an explaination, she explains her flaw, that it always mattered what her friends think of her. He asks about Maya’s flaw, she just tells him when she owns it, it doesn’t feel bad. Cory tells the class that before anyone can hurt you with their flaws we should admit that we have them. Billy tries to walk away from the lesson until, Cory asks if he has any flaws, he tells him no. Maya asks why he would say all that stuff to Farkle, it finally becomes clear that he was jealous of Farkle the whole time, he grabs the marker from Riley, and has Farkle write his flaw down for him, and apologizes to him for everything. Cory takes out a pack of wet naps from his briefcase and tells the class, thaey’re all human beings and it’s true friends that helps them wipe off their flaws. Riley and Maya wipe off each other flaws for their foreheads. Farkle offers to wipe Billy’s  but he turns down the offer as he wants to understand his flaw a little more. Lucas walks up to Cory and asks if  Billy will be OK, before he answers Harley comes in to return Farkle’s turtlenecks, he walks up to Cory and tells the class, “This is Mr. Matthews”. Thus giving him his answer: yes  people change.

Later that day, the award ceremony’s almost over, we see the kids wearing Farkle’s turtlenecks to support their friend, Maya and farkle received their respective awards for cool and confidence, and Lucas wins the Scholar athlete award. Cory announces one more award to give out, The John Quincy Adams Spirit Award for the student who never gave up for standing up for what they believe in. Cory opens it and it’s revealed that Riley won the award. Riley jumps up and shouts “Yay!”


Girl Meets World handled it’s first special episode amazingly. I’m sure you remember me telling you that Harley’s arc would continue in this episode, Harley explained to the kids his past as a bully back in the 90’s, and use to pick on Cory, he even explains that Cory helped him get a job in the school, which actually supports a theory I have about Cory being both a teacher and the principal of J.Q.A.M.S., just like Mr. Feeny was in BMW. Speaking of Boy Meets World, we got two shout outs to the parent series by way of trophies named after Griffin Hawkins, Harley’s one time only rival, Joey “The Rat” Epstein, who served as both Harley and Griff’s flunky. The idea for  the joke was nice, but when I watch BMW, I didn’t really see Joey as confident, I saw his friend Frankie as the confident, and yes I know he had moments of insecurity, but he seemed confident in some episodes. Now on to the topic of the episode bullying, the show handled the topic excellently, and the kids’ acting in this was good too. The scenes with Ava was funny, but I’m wondering what does this mean for her and Topanga? Are they friends now, does Topanga still hate her? Let’s hope we find out before the season ends. Sadly, (at the time of this posting) this episode is currently the forerunner as the lowest rated episode of the season. So, excellent episode, let’s hope their next serious episode will be better. We’re almost at the home stretch next time an election that could destroy the four’s friendship.

What’s your greatest flaw? Mine is being shy


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