Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E11 Girl Meets World Of Terror!

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In Auggie’s room, a vampire coffin opens up to reveal Auggie dressed as a vampire. He welcomes the audience to his Halloween Scary Time Theater, where he’ll tell three stories about fear, but before he could continue, Topanga comes in and calls him for dinner. Auggie explains that he’s talk to the people and tells her to say hi to the audience, she complies; and tells him to hurry, she also asks where he got the coffin shaped toy chest, he tells her you don’t want to know in a vampire accent. He tells her to say goodbye to the audience, she does so but says it coldly, he tells her to say it like she means it, she looks at him and commands him to come to dinner. He returns to breaking the fourth wall, and introduces the first story. This is a story about Farkle’s greatest fear: Softball. He then ends the intro with Crypt Keeper-esque one-liner as the intro starts.

In gym class, the kids are playing softball indoors, with Maya as the pitcher and Riley at third base. It is discovered that Maya throws very powerfully, scaring Farkle, who fears being injured by Maya’s pitches. Soon, he is at bat, and panics as Maya pitches. Lucas takes Maya out and decides to pitch the ball himself. The ball hits Farkle, but to his surprise, it doesn’t hurt. Farkle realizes he was scared over nothing, and decides to take his turn at bat. Maya returns to the pitcher’s mound, and this time Farkle is ready, and the screen fades to black as we hear a pitch from the bat and cheering.

After the break, Auggie comes in and does his best Alfred Hitchcock Presents parody, and introduces the next story as Topanga drags him out for dinner.

After gym class, While everyone hoists Farkle for hitting the winning pitch, Lucas and Farkle make plans to trick-or-treat around the city. Riley suggests a sleepover at her house with Maya, but Maya insists they do it at her place instead. Cory agrees, noting that in the past, Riley has always secretly called him to pick him up from Maya’s place in the middle of the night. Riley reluctantly agrees, and finds herself having a rough go at it. While attempting to sleep, Riley is scared by shadowy silhouettes displayed on the wall that appear to be getting bigger and bigger, and is spooked by Maya’s grandmother (played by Charlotte Rae), who had entered to check up on the girls. As she leaves, two costumed kids scare both girls, only to reveal themselves as Lucas and Farkle. Riley notes that Farkle scared her until he took off his mask, and finally admits that Maya’s neighborhood isn’t scary after all when unmasked. The girls decide to take in the view from Maya’s window.

In our final story, Auggie explains that this is the scariest story yet, since takes place at bedtime.

Auggie asks Cory and Topanga if he can sleep in their room with them, but they insist that Auggie sleep in his own room by himself. Auggie is afraid of a monster under his bed, and for security reasons, he places Mr. Googly at the foot of the bed. Mr. Googly is suddenly take under the bed, and Auggie reaches for him, only to pull out a blob-like thing. The monster, with a child’s voice, calls from under the bed, asking for his “Mr. Blobbity” back. Auggie agrees, on the condition that Mr. Googly is unharmed. The two meet face-to-face, and the “monster” child introduces himself as Simon P. Littleboyeater. They realize that both were scared of each other, and Auggie doesn’t seem scared anymore. Because of this, Simon has to leave to scare other children by hiding under their beds, despite Auggie’s protests that they are now friends. Simon produces a box of Auggie’s thought-to-be-lost possesions, but Auggie tells him to keep them. Simon gives Auggie a final look before leaving the bedroom, unseen by Cory and Topanga who enter to check up on Auggie.

Auggie thanks the audience for watching, and hopes that then in a twist ending reveals himself to be Simon in disguise.


This was an entertaining story, the episode comes off as a kid-friendly version of the Treehouse of Horrors episodes. The costumes the main four used in the first and second stories were very creative, they’re wearing steampunk outfits, Riley’s dressed as a showgirl, Maya’s a ringmaster, Lucas’s cowboy, and Farkle’s an aviator. The other kids (or at least Sarah and Darby from what I remember) dressed up too. Charlotte Rae, whom you may remember from shows like Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts Of Life makes an appearance as Maya’s grandmother, this actually took me by surprise as I kind of thought she was dead, it was great to see her again, she really shined in her role. Auggie’s story was enjoyable as it dealt with something most children his age: the monster under the bed. The scene with Auggie handling his (non-existent) fear and meeting his monster face to face was a nice little moment, as was seeing Simon walk away. Sadly this episode had the displeasure of being the lowest rated episode of the season, at least until Girl Meets Flaws aired. I believe the fault for that was due to the episode airing on a different night than usual. So yeah, nice episode, see you for Ep. 12 and the return of an old enemy (turned ally).


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