Girl Meets World Recaps: S1 E10 Girl Meets Crazy Hat

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After a month in a half long delay, the Girl Meets World Recaps return!

It’s a stormy day in New York, as Riley (wearing a garbage bag as a poncho) and Maya enter the train station, they see a woman sitting on a bench and staring at the passerby’s, whom Maya refers to as Crazy Hat, watching everyone walk by. Riley wonders why she’s the way she is Maya shoots down her theories pointing out that she’s probably just a bum. Riley points out how she looks at everyone walking by in the station, and wonders what goes on in her mind, so Maya just asks “Crazy Hat” for her. “Crazy Hat” tells the girls to sit with her, Riley is disturbed by this at first since she’s a stranger (even though she met her in the pilot), but a cop tells Riley she can trust Evelyn. The three ladies chat for a while, but Evelyn takes off, claiming she has meeting at the United Nations. Believing she’s still crazy, Riley wonders how that could happen to a nice lady and wonders if that could happen to them, after that a stranger hands her a dollar, and gets accidentally thrown away.

In class, while Cory starts his lesson on Belgian Independence, Riley freaks out about the future, and wonders what her “thing” is. To help figure out the answer, Cory assigns the class (at least the four main students) to run separate muffin companies (with Riley and Farkle competing against Maya and Lucas).

At home, while Topanga’s working on a case, Auggie walks up to his mother and asks her to pay him for being a cute little kid. She gives him a nickel at first, but Auggie asks her for $3.49 (plus tax). Believing that he’s buying her something for her upcoming birthday, Topanga gives him $10, she also tells him he loves chocolate as he leaves.

The next day at school, The kids are selling their muffins, Riley and Farkle’s (suspiciously white) muffins are selling like hotcakes, with everyone going back in line for more, especially Sarah and Darby (more on these two in the review), while Lucas and Maya have yet to sell one. Riley and Farkle have one more muffin left, but Farkle decides to hold on to the last muffin, to see how much the kids would pay for the muffin. Back in class, the kids give their progress reports, Maya and Lucas tells Cory that they didn’t sell any muffins, but still stand by their product (all of them). Riley and Farkle give their reports, Farkle starts to show boat and flaunts their sales, along with their (suspiciously) hyperactive customers. Once Cory points out that the side effect of their product, Riley asks Farkle what the muffins are made of, Farkle reveals that the muffins are made entirely of sugar much to Riley’s shock. Farkle decides to buy Lucas and Maya’s company, and rename the company Farkle, he has Cory explain to Riley that when two companies form a merger, they have to downsize, so Farkle has Lucas fire Riley, she leaves the classroom with Maya following her.

Back at home, Auggie watch Topanga work on her case, until getting bored seconds later. The doorbell rings, Topanga wonders if it’s a delivery for her, and how he could do that with only $10, the answer: He spent it all on Ava Morgen-Stern. Ava shows off her fake jewelry, when Topanga points out that the jewelry’s fake, Ava yells at him, and scares him a little. Topanga decides to talk the kids into playing a new version of hide and seek with Auggie hiding, As Auggie leaves the living room, Topanga tells Ava she’s on to her, but Ava demands her to give Auggie a raise in his allowance (even calling her by her first name), and for her trouble she carries her out of the apartment. Auggie comes back and wonders where Ava is, when Topanga asks about Auggie spending all his money on Ava, he wonders if doesn’t buy her nice things who’s gonna love him. Topanga holds him and tells him people don’t always know what’s good for them, and asks him to know what’s good for him. He asks her if she threw Ava out again, she tells him yes.

Later at the train station, while Evelyn’s overseeing the people again, Riley (once again wearing a garbage bag poncho and carrying a box of stuff) and Maya come in, and sit with Evelyn. The girls talk with Evelyn about their troubles, she tells them she’s fired a few times before, and now comes to the train station and watches people give their lives to fake businesses, she heads off to a meeting, Maya thinks it’s a meeting with squirrels. As Evelyn leaves, Riley gives her the dollar a passerby gave her. Hours later, Evelyn finds the girls sitting and watching the people walk by, reveals that she has a building named after her. She reveals why she watches people walk around the station, their the key to happiness. She asks the girls what do they see when they look at the passersby, they both see everyone rushing in the station throwing away their umbrellas, seeing a guy protecting his doughnut. Riley decides that they’re going back to school with a new idea for their project.

Back in school, the girls introduce and explain their new company, The Matthews and Hart Umbrella Foundation, a non-profit organization, that provides people with free umbrella’s, and allows them to donate umbrella’s. Farkle thinks it’s silly since they wouldn’t make any money off of it, and wonders what they have besides an idea, Evelyn comes in, introducing herself as an investor of their company. Cory explains to the girls that Evelyn’s chairman of the board of her company Rand Industries. Evelyn writes the girls a check, and tells them to get the umbrella’s, and to get them in the subways, and that the people will do the rest. She then walks up to Farkle and gives him a dollar and a lesson, to pass the dollar around. She gives the girls a lesson too, she tells them not to worry to much about the future, and gives them their first umbrella. Lucas asks if he can join their organization, they accept him in their company, but fire him seconds later as payback for earlier.

Later at the station, were treated to a montage, where everyone is using, donating, and reusing the umbrella’s while the girls and Evelyn watch. Riley and Maya eventually head home, while Evelyn and her cop friend continue to watch.


This was nice little episode, but like Girl Meets Smackle, the lesson was kind of cliche, the lesson was clearly to not judge people by their looks, the girls immediately judged Evelyn by her behavior, Maya even calls her a bum. Speaking of Evelyn, why didn’t Riley or Maya, or even Lucas know who Evelyn was? They met her in the first episode, she even kind of helps Riley and Maya maintain their friendship, what happened within 10 episodes that made them forget about her. Ava returned after five episodes and being referenced in one episode, we learn her last name is Morgen-Stern, (though I’ve read online and in the captions on my TV that it’s spelled either Morgen Stern or Morgenstern). She and Topanga still don’t get along, but thing seem to simmer down by Ep. 13, but we’ll get to that. Now about those two girls I mentioned Sarah and Darby, they’re extras that usually sit in the classroom and say nothing, though Sarah had a line in Girl Meets Maya’s Mother. Sarah’s played by Sabrina Carpenter’s real-life sister/back-up singer Sarah Carpenter. And then there’s Darby, she’s Sarah’s best friend (since they’re usually seen sitting together), if you don’t know who she is she’s the one that gives best facial expressions whenever something happens in class. Originally, she was given the placeholder name “Kirby” by the hosts of the Girl Meets World Podcast, and Darby’s actress Darby Walker, voiced her approval on the Podcast. So that’s the episode, it was nice but still kind of cliche. The other recaps are on the way, I hope to have them out before the big reunion episode next week. So see you for episode 11!


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