Dead Television: Marvel Month 2: The Super Hero Squad Show

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This marks the end of an era. I mean, not the end of the Marvel Month series, but the end of original Marvel TV shows (animated or live-action) airing outside of Disney subsidiaries’. This is The Super Hero Squad Show, based on a line of pre-school action figures by Playskool, and an obscure (to me, at least) comic book series called Mini Marvels, Cartoon Network adapted the two into an a series, that despite being targeted for a younger audience could have been just a little less childish. The show ran from September 14, 2009 to October 14, 2011.

The series two seasons had a coherent storyline, the first season, involves Doctor Doom, and his henchmen, Abomination and MODOK race against Captain America and the Super Hero Squad (Squaddies for short), Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, Silver Surfer, Hulk, and Falcon for control of the Infinity fractals, which when united will form the Infinity Sword, and whoever obtains the sword will have complete control over reality. Most times the team will work together, but at times they’ll either work alone, team up with individual heroes, or with other teams. And on rare occasions Stan Lee.

When the Sword is reassembled, Galactus arrives to devour the Earth, it is revealed that the Infinity Sword can be wielded only by someone who wields the Infinity Gauntlet. The Surfer returns to Galactus as his herald, and takes the sword off world, with Abomination, MODOK, and the other villains getting arrested, while Doom escapes.

In Season two, Scarlet Witch replaces Silver Surfer in the S.H.S. who’s traveling throughout time and space within the Marvel Universe. Meanwhile, Thanos becomes the main villain of the first half of the season, he seeks the six Infinity Stones to power his Infinity Gauntlet and control the universe, he succeeds and gains all six stones.

In the second half of Season Two, the Silver Surfer gets corrupted by the Infinity Sword and steals the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, takes over the universe, and the Silver Surfer transforms into the Dark Surfer. The Dark Surfer replaces Thanos as the main villain of the season. In the series finale, the Dark Surfer is defeated, the infinity gems are destroyed, The Infinity Sword is permanately destroyed and everything goes back to normal. While The Surfer goes off to redeem himself for what he did as Dark Surfer.

This was a terrible show, and yes I know this was made for younger kids, and yes kids will enjoy this, I have a nephew, he enjoys the show, but for adults this is pretty bad. Every character is portrayed as a zany irritating parody of the characters from the comics (the worst being Silver Surfer). The worst cameo(s) Stan Lee ever made The show has a very questionable budget, as they were able to get a ton of guest stars throughout the shows run.

But it does have at least two good things about it, it’s storylines in both seasons were actually pretty good, another thing I liked the most about the show is the fact is that they actually got every Marvel Super Hero (except Spider-Man, due to the aniamted television rights being used by Sony at the time) in the show, including very obscure characters like Flatman and Squirrel Girl that was a definite plus.

So, yeah if you watch your kids, siblings, or whatever they’ll probably get a kick out of this but if you’re a life-long comic book fan, you might want to look away.

RANK: 2 out of 5

So this was Marvel Month 2, while I take a break, I need to figure out, what to review for Marvel Month 3. Later


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