Girl Meets World Recaps S1 E9 Girl Meets 1961

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At school, Cory stars teaching his class about the 1960s, much to the class’ boredom. Riley incorrectly tells him that no one cares about when he was their age, he asks them how old do they think he is, to which Lucas replies that there’s no right answer to his question. Riley and Maya explain that no one cares about history, Cory explains that history is everywhere, and everything the class did yesterday is history, and every decision they make will have an effects everyone they meet. Cory then assigns the class a living history assignment, where they must find out about the sixties from their grandparents or great-grandparents.

The story flashes back to December 14th 1961, a young woman that looks like Riley walks into Club Hey (pronounced Hehhh). This is Riley’s great-grandmother Rosie McGee, she meets a young beatnik, Farkle’s great-grandfather, Ginsburg. Ginsburg notices that she’s a new patron and Rosie tries to act hip, but Ginsburg catches on. They exchange names and Ginsburg takes her picture to remember the moment they met. Rosie asks if they met before, Ginsburg replies “Haven’t we all?”.

After the intro, Ginsburg welcomes the patrons and proceeds to do a poetry slam. After that, Ginsburg notices Rosie writing in her journal, she tells him she writes observations, he likes them and calls her a deep chick, and she replies “down here I’m a chick” (callback to the pilot). Ginsburg asks her why she came to the club, she tell him she wants to make new friends. Ginsburg shows her two tables: one table with Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, the other mysterious blonde flower child. As Ginsburg leaves, Rosie goes to the table with the blonde. This is Maya’s great-grandmother, May Clutterbucket. Rosie asks if she’s as interesting as she looks, May asks Rosie if she’s as rude as she talks, and she proceeds to act hip again. Rosie asks her if they could be friends, and May accepts.

Back in the present, the kids hang out at Svorski’s Bakery, Riley asks for updates on everyones presentations. Riley managed to obtain Rosie’s journal and guitar, Lucas states that his father is sending him some things on his great-grandfather, whom his father never talks about. He also says that his name is Merlin, which Farkle makes fun of, he then asks him what his great-grandfather’s name, he tells him, and he tells him that he makes no sense to him. Riley notices Maya reading an art book Ms. Kossal gave her, she says the paintings are both amazing and depressing, since she could never works of art. Farkle takes a picture of the kids, when asked why, he tells Riley, that they might be important to somebody someday. As they leave, Riley notices Maya leaving the book, when asked why she’s leaving it, Maya tells her it makes her feel bad (and it’s really heavy).

Back in 1961, Rosie tries to stop May from reading her journal. As she looks through it she notices a musing called “The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair”. Rosie gets the journal back and tells that this is her first time here, May reveals it’s her first time too, and her bus broke down and her way to California. Rosie asks her where she was going, May tells her she’s going to Topanga Canyon, Rosie comments that Topanga’s a beautiful name for something you want to love. After that, Ginsburg asks May to take the stage. May grabs her guitar and sings her song. While Rosie cheers her on, Ginsburg calls on Lucas’ great-grandfather Merlin Scoggins to take the stage. He starts playing his guitar facing the wall, then turns around to introduce himself.

Back in the present, Lucas starts his presentation, even doing his great-grandfather’s intro. He explains how he always did the intro, and that the only record he ever made was a hit. Cory being amazed by this, asks Lucas why he never told the class about this, he tells him he didn’t want to give Maya more material to make fun of him with. Maya tells him she done making fun of him, only to make fun of him again. Riley starts her presentation, and describes Rosie as a wide-eyed weirdo who always sees the best in everybody, just like her. Lucas plays Merlin’s record which…

Cuts back to 1961, after Merlin’s performance he sits with May and Rosie. May and Merlin compliment each others songs. Ginsburg walks up to “The Observer, the Singer, and The Mystery Man” and takes a picture, and says that it’s going to be worth someone to somebody someday. Merlin leaves stating he doesn’t like to stay in one place to long. May decides to give up on her singing career and gives Rosie her guitar. May tells Rosie she’ll be right back, but she doesn’t.

Back in the present, Riley tells the class how Rosie never saw May again, and the world’s never heard of her, save for a shifty-eyed Maya. Lucas tells the class that after his only record, Merlin made some bad decisions and served time in prison. When asked why, Lucas answers he needed better friends. Riley reads Rosie’s story about May

“She said she’d be gone for a moment, I’m still waiting. We could have been friends, maybe in some other life. The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair”.

Cory compliments Rosie’s writing. Riley tells him there’s more, as she walks up to Maya she reads:

“If you quiet your voice, if you stop, because you think other people are better, then you’re not being who you are. The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair”.

Maya figures out she wrote that part, Riley tells her she continued it, she’s a continuation and that’s what history’s about. She tells the class about Rosie having Rhiannon, Rhiannon having Topanga, and Rhiannon giving Cory his wife. Riley gives Maya the guitar to remind her that even though May gave up, she shouldn’t. Maya proceeds to sing a parodying Merlin’s song, and everyone (including Lucas and Cory) joins in, with Riley dancing along.

Later at the bakery, Maya asks one of the bakers if he’s seen the art book, he gives it to her and she sits at her booth, to look inside. When she opens the book she sees a drawing by Riley saying to “change the world!”. Much later at home, Riley drags Topanga into her room, and shows her the origin of her name. She looks at Riley as she starts to tear up.

The next day, Farkle rushes to the classroom, and gives his presentation. He explains that history is a puzzle, and that each piece comes together to make a picture. He talks about Ginsburg’s time working at Club Hey, then asks Riley and Lucas what year their respective great-grandparents met, they both reply December 1961, which shocks them. He asks Maya what she knew about her great-grandmother, she tells him nothing, but he knows she’s lying, and that she went behind her mother’s back and did research, she still denies it. He asks what she she found out, and she reveals she comes frome “a long line of Clutterbuckets”, much to Lucas’ delight. Farkle reveals that all four of the kids’ great-grandparents met that night in December. Riley asks why Maya didn’t tell her, she points out that May ran away. Cory tells the girls that it was a missed opportunity and that the class to learn from the past so they can make a better future. Farkle brings in a flatscreen, plugs in a flash drive, and shows everyone the picture of the kids’ respective great-grandparents, which transitions to a picture of the kids, in the same position as the great-grandparents.

The next day, Cory comes in the classroom getting to get set up for the day, and sees the four kids sitting in the classroom. Riley and Maya asks what todays lesson is, Cory recites part of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, and tells him that a lot happened in 1963.

The Sixties, man!


This was an pretty decent episode, the kids were fantastic playing their respective great-grandparents. The attention to detail used for the flashbacks were a nice touch,  The ending scene with the children sitting in the classroom was a nice callback to my fourth favorite BMW episode “Quiz Show”. Sabrina Carpenter sung a beautiful song, it’s a song about giving up, but it was still a nice song. I’m not sure weather or not that was Peyton Meyer singing, but of was he’s an excellant sing. Rider Strong did a great job directing the episode, he’s signed to direct two more episodes this season, and reprise his role as Shawn for the holiday special and the season finale.

This Wednesday’s Marvel Month II, I might do the recaps eps. 10 and 11, but I might just skip them till November. So, until then, I’ll see you Wednesday.


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