Girl Meets World Recap S1 E8 Girl Meets Smackle


At school, Cory starts his lesson on Ancient Greece, Riley notices he has a mysterious package. Maya wants to know what his game is, but Cory denies his methods, he asks if anyone wants the package and of course everyone in the class, except Maya raises their hands (since she knows it’s a trap). He gives the package to Riley, she opens the box and was upset to see there was a mini chalkboard inside with the words “The Trojan Horse”. Cory tells the class the story of the Horse and the Invasion Of Troy, when he asks what the moral of the story is, Lucas explains that you shouldn’t make assumptions based on what you see. Cory apologizes to Riley and offers her another (smaller) package, but she declines it, Lucas decides to take it and sees it’s a Get-Out-Of-Detention-Free card. Maya offers not to pick on him anymore if he gives her the card, he complies, but (of course) Maya doesn’t keep her end of the bargain. Maya proceeds to flaunt the card in front of Cory, only to find out it was all a trap, and Lucas was in on it.

Later that day, Farkle and the two boys from episode 6 (“Mysterious Hipster”) are competing in a debate match with Einstein Academy (the topic being school uniforms), with Riley, Maya, and Lucas in the audience supporting him. At first it looks like Farkle and his team was going to win, until we see Isadora Smackle (also from ep. 6) she gives her argument on the subject which wins her school the debate. Lucas seems to really enjoy the debate and is seen talking to the other two debaters. Cory announces the subject of the next (and final) debate of the season is on beauty, which confuses Smackle. Riley goes up to congratulate Smackle, but she upset, because she likes Farkle, but he doesn’t feel the same way, and wonders what he sees in her and Maya. Riley asks if she wants to come over her house and she accepts.

At home, Auggie comes home from school, upset because Ava (whom she refered to as “Ucch-Ava”) seems to have broken up with him. Topanga’s happy at first, but tries to explain that couples seeing other people is natural. Auggie argues that couples are supposed to stay together forever, when Topanga asks where he got a crazy idea like that, he tells her that she and Cory gave him the idea. She then wonders how many lives that idea has ruined.

At night, Riley and Maya talk to Smackle about her problem, she believes that Farkle only loves Riley and Maya for their looks. Maya asks Smackle if she wants her and Riley to give her a makeover, she agrees, but she doesn’t think the girls can pull it off. Faster than you can say “Tax Exempt”, the girls finish Smackle’s makeover and pat themselves on the back.

The next day, Lucas meets up with the debate team, asks if he can join them, the two boys thinks he’d be better off on the baseball team, but Farkle vouches for his friend. The girls come in, and Lucas notices Maya wearing glasses, Riley explains that their testing to see weather anyone would treat Maya differently. Farkle tells her she looks nice however she looks, Maya asks if Farkle wanted to go out with her and Riley and he faints. Farkle asks if it’s a date, but Maya explains that they’re taking him to meet someone.

Later at Svorski’s Bakery, the girls introduce Farkle to the new Smackle, he not impressed by her new look, and explains to the girls that it was all a trap, Smackle did the entire makeover as preparation for the next debate. Farkle asks Smackle if her new look will affect her in any way, she said it won’t, until Lucas comes in and compliments Smackle’s new look, and she gives a girly giggle. Farkle sees this as an opportunity for his team, and Lucas is immediately on the debate team. The girls offer to change her back, but she declines the offer.

At home, Farkle climbs into Riley’s room and sees a still distraught Auggie. He asks Auggie why he’s sitting at Riley’s bay window, and he tells him his story, while Topanga overhears. Riley comes in, and like a therapist, she and Maya helps the boys one by one, starting with Auggie. Maya asks if Ava actually break up with Auggie, he tells her no, much to Topanga’s shock. Auggie explains that Ava said they might or might not be together. Maya explains that they’re still going out and Topanga points out that he ate cake and whipped cream, and Auggie relized he had a pretty good day. Farkle sits down, and explains how the debate won’t be as enjoyable since she won’t be at her best, since her makeover changed her. The girls agree to change her back just for him, even though his team would loose.

At the school, Farkle sees that Smackle still dressed has her new look, Riley explains that she doesn’t  want to change back, despite not being able to enjoy the debate, he wishes her good luck. He gives the opening argument on The Fall of Troy, and hands the concluding statement to Lucas. Lucas talks about how beauty is only skin deep and how he’s been labeled a cowboy and a baseball player. Smackle starts off acting like a valley girl, but gives a compelling statement about what she’s learned with her new look, that it’s what’s inside that counts: Intelligence, compassion, integrity, and she puts on her glasses and calls everyone, including Farkle beautiful, thus winning the debate, much to Farkle’s delight. Smackle, also thanks the girls for the makeover and the three girls become friends.

At the bakery, Smackle playfully flirts with Lucas, which upsets Riley at first, but Farkle explains that she has new found confidence. Smackle asks Farkle if he’d still love Riley and Maya even if they weren’t beautiful. And he tells her that, he never noticed that they were beautiful.


This was a pretty good episode, but it was kind of cliche. The minute you saw the ads and the opening teaser you immediately knew what the moral of the story was. I think this was actually one of Disney’s stable of overused life lessons, but here it actually kinda works. I had a feeling we’d see Smackle again, but I didn’t think it would be so soon, Cecelia Balagot did a great job as Smakcle, and was very believable as an academic rival/love interest for Farkle. Ben Savage makes his directorial debut in this episode, and he did a good job with the episode he’s going to direct another episode later in this season. Plus I don’t know who’s idea it was to end the episode in complete silence, but that was an nice touch, I really likd that. So other than the cliche lesson, I was still an enjoyable episode. In the next episode, Cory’s better half Shawn, or should I say Rider Strong’s directing. Let’s see how he does, can’t wait!


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