Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review


WARNING!! The following post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for a movie currently in it’s theatrical run. If you have yet to see this movie (though in this case I wouldn’t recommend it), avoid this post, and go see it while you still can!!



In New York City, reporter April O’Neil has been researching a gang called the Foot Clan which has been terrorizing the city. One night, April spots the Foot at the docks, April tries to record the theft on her phone until a mysterious shadowy figure arrives to stop them. April tries to explain this to her boss, but she doesn’t buy it.

Later, The Foot, now being lead by Karai, attack the subway station. April rushes to the scene in hopes of catch the mysterious vigilante, this time she sees four figures this time, who disappear after fight, April follows them to a rooftop, she takes a picture of them, but they spot her, one of the turtles, Raphael, was willing to kill her just to keep their secret, until Leonardo told him to back off, after seeing the Turtles she faints. Donatello wakes her up, and erases the photos her phone. Before they go, Leo tells her not to tell anyone about them or they’ll find her.

At home, April opens a box containing a video from July 1999 labeled “Project Renaissance”. It contained a younger April and her deceased father, it also shows her caring for turtles that look similar to the Ninja Turtles. She remembers that her father was developing some kind of mutagen. She comes to the conclusion that the turtles in the lab and the Ninja Turtles are one in the same. April tries to tell her boss about the Turtles again, but she fires her for her trouble.

April then tells her boyfriend Vern, but he doesn’t believe her either but still takes her to the lab T.C.R.I., there she meets her father’s partner Eric Sachs. She tells him about the Turtles, and he explains Project Renaissance: he and Dr. O’Neil were cultivating the mutagen for it’s healing properties. Sachs believes that when the lab was destroyed, the mutagen caused the Turtles to mutate into humanoid-like creatures.

The Turtles tell Master Splinter about their meeting with April. Splinter tells the Turtles to find April since she’s now in danger from the Foot Clan since she met the Turtles. The Turtles finds and blindfolds April and takes her to their lair, she meets Splinter and he explains how she saved both his and the Turtles’ lives years ago, when the lab caught fire and released them to the sewers. April tells Splinter about her meeting with Sachs, who is secretly the adopted son of the Foot Clan’s leader The Shredder.

Sachs tells Shredder about his meeting with April, and gives him the information she told him. The two plan to spread a virus infecting everyone in New York, in order to seize control of the city they’ll offer the mutagen as a cure. Shredder needs capture the Turtles to take the mutagen from blood.

Shredder and his soldiers find the Turtles and Splinter in the sewers and a fight scene ensues. Despite putting up a good fight, they’re overwhelmed and Shredder captures Leonardo, Donatello, and leaves Splinter severely injured, leaving Raphael the only turtle to survive the battle. Raph meets up with April and the two dig Splinter out of the wreckage. While April tends to his wounds, Splinter orders her and Raph to find the other Turtles before Shredder removes the mutagen from them. April calls Vern to give them a ride to T.C.R.I. where the three Turtles are being held.

When they arrive, April frees the Turtles, and the four unite to fight Shredder, but Shredder defeats them (again) and gets away. April, Vern, and the Turtles escape down the snowy mountain with The Foot and Karai in pursuit, but they get away.

The Turtles plan to attack Shredder on the rooftop of Sacks’ building before he is able to release the toxin. April and Vern look for the mutagen and battle Sacks inside the building where Sacks is knocked out by Vern. April finds the mutagen and heads onto the rooftop to give it to the Turtles. With April’s help, the Turtles finally defeat Shredder who falls off the roof where he is immediately surrounded by the police. He is last seen touching the spilt mutagen as well.

That night, Vern attempts to impress April with a new car, but everything falls apart when the Turtles come in what I assume is the Party Wagon, and blows up Vern’s car with a missile. The turtles then offer April a ride home but she turns down the offer. The film ends with Mikey singing “Happy Together” to April much to his brothers’ annoyance.


This film was bad! If you thought the third Ninja Turtles movie was bad, it is, but this was just terrible. I had such high hopes for this film, even back when Michael Bay said that the Turtles were going to be Aliens, I thought there would be some form of promise, but even with Michael Bay NOT directing, the film still didn’t impress me. The acting came off as either, awkward or wooden (Megan Fox being the biggest offender), and Shredder and Sachs’ plan and the climax of the movie was ripped off from the first and second Amazing Spider-Man movies.

The Turtles’ designs are OK, there not as good as the ones used in the Nickelodeon Series or the first two 90’s movies, but they were still kind of… Inventive, more or less. Splinter looked terrible, he looked like the action figure from the 80’s cartoon. I knew where they were trying to go for but it just didn’t work. And then there’s Shredder, I’m kinda mixed about the design used for his suit, it kind of reminded me less of the Shredder and more of Silver Samurai from The Wolverine. Also, I’m not entirely sure but I’m pretty sure they added Oroku Saki at the last minute due to the backlash with Sachs originally being Shredder. I hate how Karai was poorly utilized in the film, it’s her first live-action appearance, and all she does throughout is boss around Shredder’s stormtroopers, they don’t even mention she’s Shredder’s daughter, due to the film focusing more on Sachs.

The film had a lot of in-jokes and references to the franchise, the origin is similar to the one used in the IDW comics, the theme song was heard at the end of the movie (it’s the Party Wagon’s horn), Vern utters the phrase “Heroes In A Halfshell”, April wearing a yellow leather jacket, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the acting was terrible, Megan Fox didn’t work for me as April O’Neil, she came off as either boring or just awkward. William Fichtner was bad as well, but I didn’t mind that much, cause he’s done worst films, and he’s very enjoyable in bad movies (to see my point watch the movie Drive Angry), Will Arnet was one of the only enjoyable actor in the movie, he at least tried his best with what he had to go on. The voice actors and mo-cap actors also did a good job with they’re characters. Just like in Guardians, there was in actor, in this case a voice actor who surprised me, Johnny Knoxville as Leonardo, when I first heard the announcement about him play Leo, I was upset about it, but I was actually impressed by his performance.

Oh, and the theme song Shell Shocked sucked.

So yeah, other than the minor praises I gave the film, it’s still terrible, but if you want to see it then more power to you. And hey, there is a sequel coming in 2016, maybe things will shape up.

Next post is a Halloween themed Top 10 (since all of October is booked)

RANK: 2 out of 5


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