Guardians Of The Galaxy Review


WARNING!!! This post contains spoilers for a movie in it’s theatrical run. If you DO NOT wish to be spoiled please see the movie before it’s ends it’s run!!


In 1988, after the death of his mother, Peter Quill  gets abducted by a group of space pirates called The Ravagers, their leader Yondu, takes Peter under his wing and raises him as his own. 26 years later, Peter (who also goes by Star-Lord) goes on the hunt for a mysterious orb, but is stopped by Korath. Peter escapes, but Yondu finds out and orders a bounty on Peter, while Korath’s boss a power-mad Kree called Ronan The Accuser sends out the assassin Gamora.

Peter goes to Xandar (homeworld of the Nova Corps) to sell the orb, but Gamora ambushes him. The two get into a scuffle, which drew the attention of two bounty hunters Rocket (a genetically engineered racoon), and Groot (a tree-like alien). The Nova Corps arrest the four and sending them Kylin, the alcatraz of space. While there, the four meet a powerful inmate named Drax. He attempts to kill Gamora since she’s in league with Ronan (who killed his family), but Peter talks him out of it, and tells him she can bring Ronan to him.

Gamora reveals that she has betrayed Ronan, unwilling to let him use the orb’s power to destroy entire planets such as Xandar. Learning that Gamora has a buyer for the orb, Rocket, Quill, Groot, and Gamora work together to escape the Kyln. Elsewhere, Ronan meets with the titan Thanos to discuss his daughter Gamora’s betrayal and the loss of the orb. Accompanied by Drax, Quill’s group escapes the Kyln in his ship: the Milanoand flee to Knowhere, a remote criminal outpost in space built in the giant severed-head of a Celestial. A drunken Drax summons Ronan while the rest of the group meet Gamora’s contact, The Collector. The Collector opens the orb, revealing one of the Infinity Stones, an item of immeasurable power that destroys all but the most powerful beings who wield it. Suddenly, Tivan’s tormented assistant grabs the Stone, triggering an explosion that engulfs his collection.

Ronan arrives and easily defeats Drax, while the others flee by ship, pursued by Ronan’s followers and Gamora’s sister Nebula.

Nebula destroys Gamora’s ship, leaving her floating in space, and Ronan’s forces leave with the sphere. Quill contacts Yondu before following Gamora into space, giving her his helmet to survive; Yondu arrives and retrieves the pair. Rocket, Drax, and Groot threaten to attack Yondu’s ship to rescue them, but Quill negotiates a truce by convincing Yondu that they can recover the orb. The group agrees that facing Ronan means certain death, but that they must stop him from using the Infinity Stone to destroy the galaxy. On Ronan’s flagship, the Dark Aster, Ronan embeds the Stone in his warhammer, taking its power for himself. He contacts Thanos, threatening to kill him after the destruction of Xandar; hateful of her adopted father, Nebula allies with Ronan.

On Xandar, the Dark Aster is confronted by the Ravagers, the Nova Corps, and Quill’s group, which breaches the Dark Aster. Ronan uses his empowered warhammer to destroy the Nova Corps fleet. Drax kills Korath, and Gamora defeats Nebula (who escapes) and unlocks Ronan’s chambers, but the group finds themselves outmatched by his power until Rocket crashes the Milano through the Dark Aster and into Ronan. The damaged Dark Aster crash-lands on Xandar, with Groot sacrificing himself to shield the group. Ronan emerges from the wreck and prepares to destroy Xandar, but Quill distracts him, allowing Drax and Rocket to destroy Ronan’s warhammer. Quill grabs the freed Stone, and with Gamora, Drax, and Rocket sharing its burden, they use it to disintegrate Ronan.

In the aftermath, Quill tricks Yondu into taking a container supposedly containing the Stone, then gives the real Stone to the Nova Corps. As the Ravagers leave Xandar, Yondu remarks that it turned out well that they did not deliver Quill to his father per their contract. Quill’s group, now known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, have their criminal records expunged, and Quill learns that he is only half-human, his father being part of an ancient, unknown species. Quill finally opens the last present he received from his mother; a cassette tape filled with her favorite songs. The Guardians leave in the rebuilt shipalong with a sapling from Groot, and go off on their next adventure…

In 2017.


This was an awesome movie. So, up to the announcement at Comic Con 2012 and going into the movie, I had no idea what Guardians was, all I knew was they we’re superheroes in space and that’s it. The movie was a pretty big gamble for both Marvel and Disney, nobody thought this was going to work, especially when two of the main characters aren’t really there, but thanks to James Gunn, they managed to pull it off. Now it’s bringing in the dough!

The cast was were… well, Stellar! Everyone did an outstanding job as their respective characters, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, and Vin Diesel did an outstanding job as their respective characters. Dave Bautista (or Batista) really shocked me as his character Drax, I didn’t think he could pull off the role, but once again just another surprise that the movie brought us. The rest of the cast did a commendable job as well. The visual effects were top notch, especially the ones used for Rocket and Groot and the fights in space.

As usual it’s a Marvel Movie, so be sure to stay after the credits. There’s two scenes, Marvel released one of them online two or three weeks after the film’s release, so you can see that whenever you want now. The post-credits scene you’ll just have to see to believe, trust me.

So yeah, this was a fantastic movie, but if my review of Days Of Future Past taught you anything it’s that with any good movie, there is always a mediocre movie right around the corner, as we’ll find when I review Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

RANK: 5 out of 5


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