Girl Meets World Recap S1 E7 Girl Meets Maya’s Mother



At an art class, Farkle volunteers as the model for the class’ lesson on realism. Riley asks Ms. Kossal (the art teacher) why Lucas can’t be the model, she tells her its cause nobody looks like him. While Kossal tells the class to start on the eyes, Riley notices Maya’s not following directions and calls her on it, Maya tells her she doesn’t follow directions and tells her she’s drawing Lucas (again). Riley tries to pass it off as an accident but Maya shows her another “accidental” drawing of Lucas (a bowl of fruit with his face on each one). Riley proceeds to tell Maya of her plans for the two to go to Paris and study art, Maya then proceeds to draw a mocking picture of her. Riley shakes it off and says bonjour to Lucas, who proceeds to greet her with a french phrase, Kossal comes over to the girls and compliments Maya and her drawing of Farkle in birds nest (much to Riley’s annoyance). Farkle’s offended at first, but Maya explains that it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. Kossal tells Maya that she should sign up for the schools art show, she turns it down, but Kossal tells her to at least think about it.

At dinner, Riley (still upset about art class), tells Auggie that his art work isn’t that good, and complains that eveyone will speak french except her, and Auggie tells her that she maybe a simple girl, but everyone still like her (in french!). Riley asks Cory if he has any talents, Topanga reveals that he’s a skilled close-up mmagician, he demonstrates by making the salt and pepper appear in Auggie’s shirt pocket. Riley then decides ask Topanga, and Cory reveals that she’s a amazing hip dancer, and she demonstrates her skills. Cory and Auggie join in, and Cory makes a second salt shaker come out of Riley’s pocket.

The next day, the school holds a career day seminar, Riley asks Maya where her mother (Katy) is, but she tells her she’s not coming despite promising to. Topanga comes in and Cory playfully flirts with her while Riley and the class watch in embarassment. Topanga explains that how she became a lawyer through years of hard work and during her years in school she’s gained over 350 A’s. The second she mentioned her A’s, there’s a knock on the door, Riley thinks it Maya’s mother, but it’s actually Cory and Topanga’s former classmate and Farkle’s father: Stuart Minkus. Lucas is dumbfounded when he learns of Farkle’s partentage, but he’s a little more shocked to learn that his name is “Farkle Minkus”. We learn that Stuart founded and runs Minkus International and is (probably) a millionare. While Stuart and Topanga compete over whose kid has more A’s, Cory explains that his is what career day is about, which upsets Maya, but Cory tries to cheer her up. Stuart meets the girls (who Farkle said were in love with him), and the girls introduce themselves to him.

In Riley’s room, Riley asks Maya why she doesn’t want to enter the art show, Maya explains that she doesn’t like to giving her hopes for something, otherwise she’d get disappointed. Riley then asks Maya why Katy didn’t show up and how she expected her, Maya tells her she’s not as optimistic as her. She also tells her that this problem is something she can’t fix.

At school, as Cory starts his lesson on the Korean War, Katy comes in and gives a hammy performance explaining why she couldn’t come to career day. Maya explains that she was auditioning for a soap opera, but didn’t get it. She takes questions from both Farkle and Lucus who both ask the same thing: “Why are you wearing a waitress uniform?”. One student (Sarah) says to Katy, that her father says that actors are just adults who never grow up. When Katy asks what her dad does, she tells her he’s a director. Embarrassed by the comment, Katy leaves and Riley goes after her. Out in the hallway, Riley and Katy talk about what happened, Maya comes out and tells Katy that she’s not embarrassed or humiliated, but walks away pretty upset. Riley tells Katy about the art show and tells her to be there.

The next day, Riley’s playing model in art class and tries to tell Maya about the art show, but Kossal tries to keep her quiet (and still) so no one has trouble drawing her face. When Kossal sees Maya’s drawing of Riley and compliments her on it, and congratulates her on signing up for the art show. Upset by the news, Maya flings paint on Riley and the class leaves the room. The girls start painting each other and Ms. Kossal comes in and stops the scuffle. As the teacher left, Riley tells Maya that Katy was coming, she doesn’t say anything she gives Riley a bowl of (lavender) paint and she proceeds to dump it on herself.

Later at the art show, Maya shows her painting of (half of) her mother working at the diner. Riley, Lucas, and Farkle come by, Riley asks her what Katy thought of her work, but she didn’t say anything, imediately realizing she didn’t show up. Cory and Topanga show up and compliment the painting. Farkle notices Maya’s mother in the painting and asks why only half of her can be seen until Lucas covers his mouth and figures it out.

Later that night, Riley goes to the diner and confronts Katy. Katy explains how she always disappoints her, Riley tells her she’s not disappointing Maya, she’s disappointing her. Katy also points out that Maya’s very lucky to have Riley in her life and overs her a tuna melt.

Back at the art show, Cory and Topanga stay to support Maya and buys one of the (disproportioned) drawings of Riley. As they leave, Riley explains to Maya that she couldn’t get Katy to come to the show and apologizes, but Maya tells her it’s OK since she was happy that everyone loved her painting, and gave her the courage to believe that she could be somebody when she grows up. Riley asks Maya if she wanted to split the tuna melt, she tells her that Katy gave her the tuna melt because it’s Maya’s favorite.

At home, The Matthews, The Minkus’ and Maya are eating dinner when Cory decides to give Riley an A for her undying hope for others, much to the Minkius’ shock. Cory tells Stuart he had to do it for Topanga and he sympathizes with him. Riley tells everyone that she comes from a talented family, Auggie asks what he’s talented at, to which Topanga tells him he’ll find it someday. Auggie then proceeds to perform a snippet of Figaro, but decides not to be an opera singer, but that didn’t stop everyone from giving him a standing ovation and throwing him roses.


This was a beautifully written episode, the show follows up with the fourth and fifth episode. The introduction of Katy, is kind of parallel to the introduction of Shawn’s father Chet on the original series, both occurred on career day, both parents gave outlandish presentations, both respective children were embarrassed by said presentation, and of course both parents let their children down. The secondary subplot with Riley is also parallel to an early episode of season 6 of the original series, where Cory was having trouble figuring out what his skills are, and even tells Riley how there’s no point in trying to figuring it out. Though one has to wonder when he learned how to be a magician. The real highlight of the episode was the cameo from Lee Norris as Stuart Minkus. Next to Mr. Feeny, Minkus is one of my favorite characters on BMW, and it was great to see him again, after all these years. We also got to learn what Minkus was up to since BMW ended, he started his own company and seems to still very bitter that Topanga chose Cory over him. So, this was very enjoyable, I hope the streak of good episodes continue.

There are no new episodes until Sept. 12th, so until then, I’ll see you for episode 8.


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