Girl Meets World Recap S1 E6 Girl Meets Popular



One day at school, Riley and Maya sees a mysterious hipster handing out invitations for a party. Riley watches with excitement and talks to Maya about what could possibly happen at the party but, she believes only Maya will be invited to the party. The hipster walks up and hands an invitation to Riley, but gives it back, thinking he made a mistake, but hands it back to Riley.

Riley shows Cory the invitation, he alludes to his experience with 7th grade parties, asks if it’s a boy/girl party, Riley answers yes and he tells her she can’t go. Maya tells Cory that Riley will stay out of trouble. Since Maya’s something of a troublemaker, Cory forbids Riley from going if Maya’s gonna be there, to which both girls tell him that she wasn’t invited.

After that, Cory begin his lesson on Damocles, his invite to sit with royalty, and his demise, Riley tries to stop the lesson as the lesson was starting to hit close to home. Farkle explains how Damocles died when a sword hanging above (by a single thread) falls on him. The lesson Maya got from the lesson: “be careful what you wish for”, for popularity is just a sword hanging over your head.

Later that day, Topanga take Auggie to the bakery below their apartment, to get a plate of bulotchki and a joke from the bakery’s owner, Mrs. Svorski (played by Cloris Leachman). She gives Auggie the bulotchki , pinches his cheeks, and tells him the joke “It’s not you-krainian bakery, it’s my-krainian bakery”. While, Auggie eats the bulotchki, Svorski talks to Topanga about her bakery getting closed down and turned into yogurt shop, and her rent being increased she asks Topanga if she could represent her as her lawyer, but she needs time to think about it.

Later that night, Cory and Maya drops off Riley at the party, Cory tells her she can stay for half an hour, he asks Maya why she wasn’t invited, she tells him they’re about to find out. Riley rings the doorbell, and Farkle answers the door, much to Riley’s shock and Cory and Maya’s delight. She sees that most of the kids are geeks, including the hipster, who turned out to be two kids standing on top of each other. Cory’s so happy, he tells her to stay as long as she wants. To add insult to injury the geeks had toy lightsabers hanging from the ceiling, and one of them hung over Riley’s head, and she yells “Damocles!”. Riley asks Farkle why he would do this to her, he tells her it’s because he always thought she was one of them.

The next day, Maya asks Farkle what he did to Riley, she grabs him to try and force him to tell, until Riley comes in dressed as (as Maya puts it) a Harajuku girl. Cory orders Maya to try and fix her, but he decides to keep her this way due to her sudden need to want to learn and because none of the boys will try to date her.

At home, Topanga has a heart-to-heart with the old Topanga (BMW Season 1), Cory holds Topanga and a flashback from Topanga’s first  episode plays. The next day, Mrs. Svorski talks with Topanga’s boss, Harrison Miller, at that point her (dressed in one of her old outfits) and Auggie (dressed as a hippie) come in and talk to Miller about why Mrs. Svorski should keep her bakery, but he won’t budge.

At school, Maya continues to convince Riley to be her self again, but she loves being queen of the geeks. Cory asks Maya if there is any chance they can change her back, but Maya tells him she’s too far gone much to Farkle’s delight.

Later in Riley’s room, Maya comes in to talk Riley back to normal, but Farkle beat her to the punch, and continues his “brainwashing”. The two fight over her until Farkle tells Riley she’s joining the school’s spelling bee team. Later on, Topanga and Riley comment on each others get up, Topanga tells Riley that this is who she is on the inside, and asks Riley if this was who she is on the inside.

The next day, just before Mrs. Svorski signed off on the bakery, Topanga, Cory, and Auggie come in and offers to help with the rent. She tells Miller to give a $300.00 pay-raise, or she joins a competing law firm and crushes his law firm, he reluctantly agrees and Mrs. Svorski gets to keep the bakery.

Later at school, Cory moderates over the city spelling bee, Farkle tells Riley to go to the podium, just as Cory’s about to read the word for her to spell, Maya gives Cory a card with the word Harajuku and explains that it’s a neighborhood in Japan where real women come with their own style unique to them. Farkle realizes the error of his ways and lets Riley go. Riley and Maya sit together and decide not to work so hard on being popular.

At the bakery, Topanga asks Cory if he misses the old her, he says he’s always know where she is. Riley tells Maya that the best thing about being yourself is your always popular to your best friend. And Mrs. Svorski tells Auggie a joke about her, him and his parents own the bakery.


As usually, the show has yet to disappoint me, We finally got to see Topanga in action as a lawyer. The main plot was fun to watch, even if it’s just a (slight) rehash of an episode of season 2. I especially liked seeing Cory’s reactions to Riley showing him the invitation and alluding to his mishap from his days in 7th grade. And it was just amazing seeing adult Topanga dressed as she used to in season 1.This is the first episode where a main cast member (Peyton Meyer) was absent. The show’s guest stars did a great job as their characters. Willie Garrison makes his return to BMW/GMW universe playing Topanga’s jerk of a boss. Willie has appeared on BMW in season 1 as Alan’s (Cory’s father) assistant manager, Leonard Spinnelli, an unnamed patron in Alan’s hunting store in season 4 and, the minister who married Cory and Topanga in season 7. The legendary Cloris Leachman appears in the episode as Mrs. Svorski, a kindly Ukrainian woman who runs a bakery and seems to be good friends with Augie. We’re also introduced to a (possibly) recurring character named Smackle, who has a crush on Farkle, weather or not we’ll see her again is unclear (at this time). There was also a reference to my number 4 favorite BMW episode, Cory mentioned that Smackle and her fellow students participating in the spelling bee were students at the Einstein Academy. So yeah, excellent episode, is the next one any good? Read this quote and tell me.

Cory- Minkus!

Stuart- Topanga!

Topanga- Stuart.

Lucas- You’re name is Farkle Minkus?

Farkle- Don’t wear it out.

Lucas- I don’t know how you can.


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