Girl Meets World Recap S1 E5 Girl Meets The Truth


Sorry for the long delay!


At school, the seventh grade class is doing their production of Romeo and Juliet, with Riley playing Juliet, Lucas playing Romeo and Farkle playing a non-speaking spear carrier. Just as Lucas was going to kiss Riley, Farkle steps in and stops him. Lucas tells him to back off, but Farkle asks the audience if he should kiss Riley, the audience (including Maya) cheer him on. Farkle calls Maya up to the stage to get kissed too, and due to the large applause she does so. While lying on the stone bed, Riley asks Maya how they keep ending up in these situations.

After the play, the cast and Maya got a standing ovation. When Farkle entered the hall nobody clapped at first, but thanks to encouragement from Riley, everyone clapped for him. Maya told Riley to tell Farkle that he was horrible in the play, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings she lies to him and tells him he did a good job.

The next day, Cory’s teaching his class about the truth and how it and lying has it’s consequences. While teaching, Riley notices Maya wearing a locket around her neck and was asks her repeatedly where she got it, Maya gave her several excuses including one with her father mailing it to her, but Riley isn’t buying it. Riley asks Maya to tell her the truth, Maya agrees, but only if she tells Farkle the truth about his performance in the play.

At home, Riley asks Cory if it’s OK to tell a lie to spare someones feelings, Topanga makes the family (save for Auggie, who’s eating a plate spaghetti) a chicken dinner, but the chicken looked bad, but Cory doesn’t want to tell her the truth and stalls for time.

Later that night, Maya tells Riley about a pigeon following her, but Riley cares more about where the locket came from. Maya finally tells her that she got at the lost and found at The Village Train Station, stating it has sentimental value to her. Maya asks why Riley can tell her the truth but not Farkle, Riley then tells her about Cory’s situation with Topanga. They almost make up until Riley calls Maya a criminal, which led her to storm out her room.

At school, Riley continues berating Maya about the locket, and tells her that the universe will get her, while Cory listens in on their conversation. Maya retaliates by asking Riley why she still won’t tell Farkle about the play. Riley states that nothing bad will happen, just then, the girls see Farkle tell off and quit the science and chess club to pursue an acting career.

Later that night, Cory continues making fun and insulting her cooking from last night. Cory upsets Topanga to the point that she locked him out of the apartment. Cory later climbs into Riley’s window to get back inside. Riley tells Cory about her situation with Maya. Maya comes in, and Cory tells her that when it comes to a locket, it’s what inside that counts. As Cory leaves the room, he sees Topanga standing out in front of the door, thus making him leave the house. Maya shows Riley what’s inside the locket: a picture of a father, mother and, daughter. Maya likes see that family together and decides to keep it anyway.

Cory comes back in Riley’s room, and the three talk about the universe being a very confusing place, but that’s its always listening, Auggie brings Cory a plate of (cold) spaghetti and (indirectly) teaches the trio a lesson on how to tell the truth to the ones they care about.

Back at school, the girls find Farkle lying down on the Romeo and Juliet set, he tells them that he know the truth, and that he auditioned for the next play, but his audition was so bad he cant even watch the next play. Riley apologizes, but Farkle thanks her and gives her her “first” kiss (on her chin). While Maya makes fun of her, Lucas comes in reciting his lines from the play. Riley gets very excited at first, but Lucas was bummed that Farkle stole his moment, but would get another one someday.

Later at the station, Riley and Maya sees the family in the locket. Maya gives it to the little girl and tell her to never loose it. The girls walk away while Maya’s pigeon follows them. Afterwards, Cory he apologizes to Topanga and the two make up.


The episode was very nice and knew when to pull you at your strings. Riley and Maya’s characterization is still going strong, Farkle’s mini-arc was also enjoyable. The real highlight of the show was Lucas teasing at him possibly kissing Riley, when will that happen? we’ll just have to keep watching to find out. As follow-up to the previous episode, this episode was outstanding. The show’s continuous streak of good episodes is still going strong and the next episode is proof of that! See you then.

And, congrats to Girl Meets World for getting renewed for a second season!


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