Girl Meets World Recap S1 E4 Girl Meets Father



Riley and Maya are walking to class and sees a ninth grader curling her eyelashes, Riley watches in awe, while Maya’s in shock that the school has a ninth grade. The ninth grader lets Riley use the curler and gets her eyelash caught until Cory walks by and tells her to open it to let her eyelash free. Farkle walks up to the girls and decides to ask them both to the school’s dance. They turn him down but agree to one dance with him. Then Lucas walks in, Maya reminds him that the dance won’t be any square dancing. Riley asks Lucas if he’s going to the dance, Maya states that he’ll be the only one doing a hoedown and proceeds to do one. The two go off to class and everyone in hallway cheers on for Maya’s dance.

At home, Riley asks Topanga about makeup and whether she can wear some for the dance, which Topanga says she isn’t ready for it yet. When Riley tells Topanga that the dance is on Friday, she reminds her that it’s on the same night as their yearly trip to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone roller coaster. Riley hopes that he doesn’t remember, but he does and he’s been counting the days. Riley tells him about it, and he tells her no, but Riley tells him that she’s growing up and he has nothing left to teach her.

The next day at school, Cory hands out the tests on Darwin and he’s still angry at Riley for what she told him. When Maya got her test back, she was very upset when she leaned that she got an F, which she took personally. Maya tells him there was nothing left for him to teach her, and storms out the classroom, with Riley going after her. In the hallway, Maya cleans out her locker while Riley convinces her to stop, and that she’s not really going to leave, stating that she’s done this before, but she leaves the school anyway.

Back at home, Cory watches some stock footage with both his and Riley’s voice heard in the background, sad that he’s lost both girls and that his and Riley’s story is over. Augie assures him that he’ll never leave his side. Topanga sits next to Cory and explains that their Father-Daughter story will never end.

Maya decided to sign up for online school courses, and fails. Topanga comes in and talks to the girls, and tries to use reverse-psychology on her. Topanga made Riley realize that her father will always be there for her and that Cory will always be there for them, even if they don’t asks.

Moments later, Cory shows Maya her test, him and Riley go over the test, and realize she knew the answers but has trouble finding the right words to use. Cory changes her grade to a C+. Riley tells her she has nothing to be ashamed of, Maya tells them about her father not living with her and having a new family, Cory and Topanga tells her that their her family and that she shouldn’t be afraid to talk to them. Riley tells Cory that she doesn’t want to go to the dance and wants to ride the Cyclone, but Cory tells her that she can go, but he’s chaperoning.

At the dance, Riley and Lucas have their first dance together, Farkle and Maya dance together as well. Maya notices Lucas wearing a cowboy hat just to toy with Maya, and gives her a rose, which Farkle takes. Cory then announces that the dance is almost over and that there’s time for one more dance: a father-daughter dance, which made Maya’s sad at first, but Cory asks her to dance then Riley joins them and the trio dance the night away. The next day, Cory talks to Riley about never wanting their story to end and Augie tells him they should take a singles cruise to Alaska. Maya comes over and pick up Riley and the two head off to school.


This was an outstanding episode. The writers tweeted that this episode was one of best work, and they certainly lived up to that tweet. It had a lot of great moments and, adds a lot of character development with Riley, Maya and Cory. Of course the scene with the dance was beautifully written and shot. Before we go on, I like to talk about the Disney Channel shows that are currently running (live action),  we’ve had a lot of these teeny-bobber shows that would usually range from bad to mediocre, and I know it’s too early to say some thing like this, but, Girl Meets World is the finest show Disney Channel has ever put out in a long time. But that’s just my opinion, If you disagree, and those shows are funny more power to you. The episode showed that it’s starting to find it’s stride. I can’t wait to see where this show goes from here. See you in episode 5


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