Girl Meets World Recap S1 E3 Girl Meets Sneak Attack



While Topanga’s making breakfast, Cory and Auggie come in the scene with shaving cream on their faces and rubs the shaving cream all over Topanga, we also get a confirmation on Topanga becoming a lawyer. Riley comes on the scene and happy and energetic, which confuses Cory.

Maya and Farkle come to the apartment, for breakfast (except Farkle who already ate). Cory states that it’s time for Auggie’s favorite show, Mr. Googly. As the Matthews, Maya and, Farkle sing along to the theme, Auggie turns off the TV saying that he’s outgrown Mr.Googly to impress his new girlfriend. Much to Topanga’s horror.

At school, Riley still feeling happy, thinking that nothing can hurt her, until Maya sees Lucas talking to the villain of the episode, Missy Bradford, Which devastated Riley. While Cory discusses The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Riley starts talking in random phrases, Cory then allows Riley to leave the classroom. When she does she looks out the window to spy on Lucas and Missy. They talk about what kind of movie they could watch together, then she “boops” him on his nose. Riley storms in, makes a scene, and tries to “boop” Lucas on the nose, but ends up getting her finger in his nose, but that didn’t stop Cory from finishing his lecture on Pearl Harbor.

After class, Riley sits in her locker, while Maya and Farkle support her, Missy walks up to Riley, and asks if she didn’t mind if she asks out Lucas and rubs it in her face about how much she’s into Lucas.

At home, Topanga tries to get Auggie into his pajamas, but he thinks he’s he’s too old for those and for good night kisses. Cory tells hims not to grow up so fast, and to hug Mr. Googly, but he doesn’t and set it aside. In Riley’s room, Riley and Maya talk about stopping Missy from dating Lucas, Farkle comes in (who just happened to be sitting outside…. that’s not weird) and decides to help them.

The next day, Lucas sits with the kids until Missy comes in and swoop him away from Riley. Frakle goes up to Missy and flirts with her, it “works”. But Riley walks up to Missy’s table and tells Lucas that she doesn’t feel comfortable with him being alone with her, but Missy shoves mashed potatoes in both their faces, Cory walks up and gives them both detention. Riley asks Cory to give her detention, he says no, and then Riley has Maya jump on Cory’s back and he agrees.

Later, Auggie comes in, dressed nicely for his girlfriend, Ava. when she comes in we learn that Ava only likes Auggie because she an tell him what to do, because she one year older then him (She’s 6, Augie’s 5), Ava tries to take Auggie’s Mr. Googly from him, which prompts Topanga walks her out of the apartment.

At detention, Missy and Lucas walks in and sees Riley and Maya (and place cards), Cory then talks about Pearl Harbor. While doing lecturing, Farkle joins the kids in detention. Cory then talks about alliances  being formed during the war. Lucas then tells Riley about his date with Missy and, invites her and the others with them. This upsets Missy, and Lucas turns her down. Missy walks out and tells the kids to grow up, which Riley replies “not yet”. Cory finishes his lesson (and detention), and explains how the US lived a life of peace after the war.

Later that night, Riley convinces Auggie to wear his Pajamas and to hold on Mr. Googly, and to hold on to his friends, and to stay 5 year old as long as he can. Auggie kisses Cory and Topanga good night, and Riley chases him for a kiss. Then Cory chases Topanga for a kiss.


The episode was alright, the character Missy seems like an interesting threat to Riley,I wanna say she could even be a better bully than Harley but, she’s not that big a threat, she’ll return later in season, presumably with her own sidekicks (Marissa and Marissa). The ones who really stole the show was Topanga and Auggie. Auggie getting pushed around by Ava was just amusing, as was the scene with Topanga showing how old she is on her hands. So that was episode 3, see you in episode 4.


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