Girl Meets World Recap S1 E2 Girl Meets Boy



Maya berates Riley for not talking to Lucas in person rather than texting him all the time, especially since he was sitting right across from the girls in the hall. Maya finally convinces Riley to go up and to talk to him but, all she does is stand from behind him and mouth the word “Hi” and sniffs the back of his head much to Maya’ shock.

Incidentally, this was the subject of Cory’s next assignment, weather or not technology is better for society with Riley, Lucas and Farkle defending technology. After the discussion, Cory decides that the class will break up into groups and do research without the use of their cell phones or any computers at the New York Public Library. Maya asks Lucas if he’s going to the library with her, Farkle and Riley; he agrees, but only if it’s okay with Riley, but she still can’t talk to him answering only with two thumbs up and a smile.

At dinner, Riley feels like she isn’t gonna make it without her phone, she then after a pep talk from her parents, she’s decided she’s gonna try and make it without her phone. Maya comes over and states she’s cool with not having her phone since she was the only person in her class without a smart phone. The girls head out as Corey and Topanga decide to color with Auggie.

While at the library, they find an oddly specific book on human interaction, Farkle attempts to read the book aloud, but the librarian shushes him, the kids asks her if they can look around, she still shushes them. Riley’s still having trouble talking to Lucas. Later, while Farkle points out how people needed to go to the library, Maya draws a picture of the city and night sky, ironically she didn’t know she could draw. The librarian getting sick of Riley playing hard to get with Lucas, tells her to just “start from the beginning” she said hi to him and he tells her a story about him birthing a pony and how he wants to be a veterinarian.

Later that night, Riley thanks Cory for making the kids go to the library. She also tells him how she finally connected with Lucas, much to Cory’s horror and lead him to just change his mind on the assignment. The kids gave their presentations to the class Farkle stated that technology’s good but a pencil can create wonders (he also kept Maya’s drawing). And Riley and Lucas points out that they don’t need their phones just to say hi to their friends or one another. After school Cory gives Riley a smart phone (to help him keep tabs on Riley and Lucas) and a set of color pencils, so if some beautiful happens between the kids to paint him a picture.


This was a pretty good episode, the chemistry between Riley and Lucas was funny at times, I loved Maya’s story arc, I’m hoping they follow up on her art skills as the show progresses. I liked the focus of the episode being weather or not technology is helping humanity, that’s a question that everyone’s been asking for years, it’s also something that was briefly touched on in Boy Meets World (I mentioned it in my top 10 BMW episodes (No. 4)). Speaking of BMW they made a small nod to the show, when Auggie mentioned that Cory took him and the family to the Jersey Shore, something Auggie’s grandfather (who we’ll see on GMW later) took Cory and his siblings. On the hole, this was a very good episode with a very good message. See you in episode 3 (SIDENOTE: Ep. 3 was available on the Watch Disney App for a over two weeks, I’ve already seen it, but out of respect for those who do not have the app I’m wait until the episode officially airs, the same goes for all future episodes that air on the app first. If you really took the time to read all of this, you are awesome!)


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