Girl Meets World Recap S1 E1 Pilot (AKA Girl Meets World)


So, it’s been two months since I shared my 10 favorite Boy Meets World episodes and it’s been two weeks since Girl Meets World, and I figure I’d share my thoughts on the first episode, and maybe make this a regular thing.


Riley Matthews and Maya Hart attempt to sneak out to subway, until they were stopped by Riley’s father, Cory. He explains to Riley that it’s time for her to make the world her own, she asks if he’s still gonna be there for her then, her mother, Topanga walks in and assures her that they’ll both be still be there for her.

While riding the train to school, Riley and Maya see a boy on the train Lucas Friar, who Riley immediately falls for (metaphorically and literally). On they’re way to class Riley talks about the teacher being weird and crazy, we learn that the teacher is in fact Cory. While discussing the Civil War, Farkle (Minkus), explains how he’s in love with both Riley and Maya, and Lucas walks in, and Cory tries to keep him and Riley as far away from each other as possible.

Cory then assigns the class a 3-page essay on something they believe in so strongly they would fight for it. Maya decides to fight for no homework and leads a class walk out with Riley joining in so she can be more like Maya, much to Cory’s chagrin. The next day, Riley attempts to talk to Lucas in the cafeteria, until Cory drags him out by his chair.

Back in class, Maya attempts to burn her class’ homework (save for Farkle’s which was a diorama) but accidently sets off the classroom’s sprinklers. Lucas tells Riley to stop her but refuses. Cory gives her detention and points out that the Principal wouldn’t be as lenient as him.

Cory then explains to Maya that she goes too far, to which she tells him why she wants to put an end to homework: no one at home helps her with her homework. On the train, Maya tells Riley that she’s decided to end their friendship, because she’s afraid that Cory will force Riley to end it. Riley takes Maya to her house and stands up for her and that she would fight for their friendship.

The next day, Cory gives Riley a subway pass but calls it her ticket to the world, and her and Maya ride off to school. Later Riley’s family comes to pick her and Maya up, and Cory turns to see the spirit Mr. Feeny congratulating him on a job well done.



This was an amazing start to the series. Rowan Blachard and Sabrina Carpenter really work off each other very well. The story is pretty good, the other characters (save for Auggie) were well established. All in all it’s a great start to great series, Let’s hope it continues. The only gripes I have on the show were minor, which was the lack of screen time for Topanga and Auggie. And something I recently found out that Mr. Feeny actually had two cameo’s one of which took place during the sprinkler scene. Also, I know what you’re thinking “Is Mr. Feeny dead?” A representative for Disney stated on twitter that he isn’t dead, but weather he comes back for future seasons is up to him.

Hope you enjoyed this, see you for episode 2


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