Top 10 Dumbest Moments In The Transformers Trilogy

Top 10 Dumbest Moments In The Transformers Trilogy

So, in case you haven’t heard Transformers: Age Of Extinction came out this week, or if you live outside the States, it came out earlier. Is it any good? From what I can tell, I Don’t know yet, I’ll give you my two cents on the movie another time, but for now at the first three movies and their weak points, sure their enjoyable to watch (well two of them anyway), but they still have some dumb moment and we get to look at each one of them.

10. Sam’s Mood Swings – In the first movie Sam and Mikaela, get sucked into an alien civil war that’s gone on for millions of years. Sam’s reluctant at first but despite that he still helps the Autobots get the AllSpark. In the second movie Sam’s going off to college and wants to try and live a normal life, unfortunately Optimus calls him back to action, but Sam really doesn’t want to get involved again; that’s understandable, spending two years fighting giant robots makes some people a little uneasy. And then the third movie comes along, how does our intrepid hero spend it? Complaining to his new girlfriend Carly about wants to help the Autobots. How the hell do go from “I don’t want to get involved” to “I wanna be involved again”. Maybe it’s cause he missed Bumblebee maybe not, one things for sure if the movies were made into comics Linkara would probably use the Superboy Prime voice for Sam.

9. Sentinel Prime’s Heel Turn – So, you’re watching all the trailers and TV spots for Transformers Dark Of The Moon, you Shockwave, one of the coolest Decepticons in the franchise (and one of my favorites), they’re building him up as this ultimate villain, you finally see the movie and Shockwave is barely in the film, barely talks, never transforms. You know what the real middle finger was? Making Sentinel Prime the villain. Why? What was the point of doing that? And yes they did give a crappy reason why, but I didn’t care, one of the Transformers in this movie you just tossed him to the side. It’s like putting The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and jut making him a… Next.

8. Devestator’s (wrecking) Balls – Well, where do I start, the Transformers movies’ was no victim criticism, stupid plotlines, undeveloped characters, the fact that every movie is over three hours long. The biggest criticism, it’s immature and crude humor. Half of Revenge Of The Fallen’s criticism lied in it’s crude humor, Sam’s mother eating “special” brownies, we’ll get to Sam’s parents later. But one of the most immature thing ROTF did was part way in the desert battle scene, where another fan favorite Devastator appears, John Turturro figures out how to take out Devastator, the idea I’ll admit sounded cool; until, we get to learn that even robots have… Well, you know! This was used as an obvious cheap joke, well you know your joke isn’t funny when a six year old (my brother) doesn’t find funny.

7. Lack Of Explanation For New Autobots – At least in the second movie. Yeah, I know they couldn’t explain too much of the new Autobots and Decepticons, due to time constraints but it would be nice to learn about how they all got here. At least in the third movie, they explained that the new Autobots traveled in a spaceship. They did give an explaination in the movie-based comics gave explanations for this, but weather it’s cannon to the movies is unclear.

6. Prime’s Trailer – After two movies, we finally get to see Optimus Prime’s trailer and when he transforms it doesn’t disappear. The whole thing was just to sell toys, and in a movie based on a toy line, that’s saying a lot. During the climactic battle, Optimus pretty much advertises the new trailer, actually telling the viewers what the trailer could do, ironic seeing how he ends up getting tied-up to construction equipment when he combines with it.

5. Arcee, Chromia and Elita-1 – Was there really a point in having them in the second movie, they’re barely in the movie they only had one or two lines; they were practically useless! I heard the three could combine together, but we didn’t see it on screen, you had to buy the toys but you could only find one or two of them in stores (maybe it was just in my region). The “Arcee Twins” a complete missed opportuinty

4. Sam’s Parents – In the first movie, they were OK comic relief not too annoying, not too bad. And then the second movie came out and my god we’re they irritating, the mother (Judy) especially, I already mentioned the “Special” brownies, but earlier she’s over-reacting to Sam’s going off to college; yes, it’s played for laughs, but it’s been done so much better in other movies. The Dad (Ron) wasn’t as annoying in the second and third movies, but in the first he was very irritating going on and on about his lawn path. Luckily they were much more low key in the third movie only showing up at least three or four times rather than sow up periodically.

3. Bumblebee’s Voice/Popularity – We’re gonna have to go back a long way all the to the days of G1. the character Bumblebee was a scout just rarely shows up and when G1 came to an end, that was the last we ever saw him (unless you count the Armada Minicon Sparkplug who’s Just happens tohave a similar robot mode and share his Japanese name: Bumble). When they announced the Autobot and Decepticon line-up was announced and we saw Bumblebee, we were all like “Ok, that’s fine”. I alongside other fans, were very surprised with how many products this guy has, he’s outshined Optimus Prime and Megatron and even got a spot in posters for the first and second movies.
Another thing is his voice, in the first movie Ratchet explains that Bumblebee’s voice box was damaged in battle and was still repairing them, then at the end of the movie he was able to talk again. And then the second movie comes out and Bumblebee’s back to talking over his radio. Why? All of his lines were cut from the final cut for unknown reasons, and I was really looking forward to hearing him talk.
Ever since, Bumblebee now appears in any new iteration of Transformers, and now rendered mute. Hey, at least in Transformers Prime, they gave him his voice back and got Will Friedle (Eric from Boy Meets World) to voice him.

2. Alice – OK we’ve got to go back again to the G1 days, around the late 80s, the toy line invented a new gimmick: Pretenders: robots within human like shells, the idea was interesting but kind dumb, but proved to popular in Japan, so much so that an anime based on this and Powermasters was made (though I might be wrong on what gimmicks were used). Anyway like Bumblebee, they were never seen again (save for Metalhawk). And then we see Alice, a another form of eye candy, who’s much more than meets the eye. I was impressed with the idea, the execution could have been done a little better though. But it left one unanswered question: “Are they’re others like her?” The answer is yes, but again it’s the comics and canonicity is very questionable.

1. No Theme Song – Yeah, ask any Transformers fan-boy, and they’ll tell you they were very disappointed that the theme song was never used or incorporated in the movie. Don’t get me wrong Steve Jablosky’s score for the films are outstanding and always enjoyable to listen to, but we all really wanted to hear the theme. And yes, I now they put the theme song as an easter egg in throughout the films, but we don’t want to hear a snippet of the theme as a ringtone we want to hear it in the soundtrack. Hell you don’t even have to play it in the movie, you could just play it during the credits. We’d be more than happy to wait till after the credits, most of us do that anyway.

No honorable mentions for this list. I’ll have my review of Transformers Age Of Extinction posted soon.

Also, if you’re wondering why I didn’t put The Twins on the list, I thought that would’ve been too easy. And yet I gave my thoughts on the lack of the classic theme song. Go figure


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