Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

WARNING!! This post will contain major spoilers for a movie currently in (or near the end of) it’s theatrical run, DO NOT read this post if you haven’t already seen it!!

So, after a pretty good start to the rebooted Spider-Verse, I figured the sequel would be a epic follow-up to the first, well I was kind of right, It’s got it’s good moments and it has it’s moments here and there, but that’s not saying much.

Peter Parker (I.E. Spider-Man) is having a pretty good life since last we’ve seen him, he’s graduating high school, he’s got Gwen Stacy by his side (as a friend), and of course his gotten quite popular all over New York as Spider-Man.

One day, while chasing down Aleksei Sytevich, he also rescues an OsCorp employee named Max Dillon, who just so happens to idolizes Spidey. Later one night, Max, while tending to some maintenance, falls in to a tank of genetically engineered electric eels who attack him, he mutates into living electric generator.

Max goes to Times Square and accidentally causes a blackout, Spidey tries to calm him down but the police starts shooting at him causing him to attack. Spidey stops him and he’s taken to the Ravencroft Institute.

Peter’s childhood friend Harry Osborn returns to see his dying father, Norman, who tells Harry that his illness is hereditary, and that Harry is at the age when it starts to develop and gives him a flash drive. The next day Norman dies and Harry becomes OsCorp’s new CEO. the first signs of Harry’s illness starts to show and he checks out the flash drive showing that Spider-Man’s blood can save him.

Harry then asks Peter to help him find Spidey, at first Peter says no, but later shows up as Spidey and still tells him no. Harry is then removed as CEO of OsCorp after being framed for Max’s accident. Harry frees Max so he can break in to the OsCorp building, finds a suit of armor and venom (from the spiders from the first movie), which mutates him into the Green Goblin.

Peter then finds out that Gwen’s going to London, Peter stops her from going, tells her he loves her and proposes to her. The celebration gets put on hold when then Electro and the green Goblin attack the city. Peter and Gwen team up and overloads Electro killing him in the process.

Harry then sees Gwen with Spider-Man and realizes Peter is Spidey. He the kidnaps Gwen, Spidey and Harry fight at the top of a clock tower. Spidey subdues Harry, but sadly Gwen falls to her death despite his attempts to save her. Five months have pasted and Peter has since hung up his mask, but after watching a recording of Gwen valedictorian speech, he’s inspired to return as Spider-Man to fight Aleksei Sytsevich now using a rhino-type mechsuit.

I gotta say, this was a pretty underwhelming film, it wasn’t as great as I was hoping it would be. The main problem was throwing in three villains in one movie. Yes they did it Spider-Man 3 but they at least established one of them already. We were suppose to have sympathy for Max but everything about him was forced, he forcefully looks up to Spidey, then he forcefully turns evil, and he forcefully hates Spidey. And then there’s Rhino had only a minute of screen time, at the end of the movie.

But, despite that the effects were alright and some of the actors gave good performances. but other than that, it’s not as good as great as the first film or the Rami films. Lets hope the sequels and the Sinister Six movie works out.

RANK: 3 out of 5


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