X-Men Days Of Future Past Review

X-Men Days Of Future Past Review


So, I saw X-Men Days Of Futures Past yesterday. This was my first time seeing an X-Men movie in theaters, the past six films I've either seen on TV or various forms of home media, It was great to see one of my favorite storylines on the big screen. Now, let's face there are two X-Men movies that hold the reputation for being the worst of the series, but luckily this movie completely retcons it (well, one of them at least).

So, in the near future (2023), the Sentinels have completely taken over the world, killing all, mutants and humans, only a small band of mutants, led by (the revived) Prof. Xavier and Magneto, can stop them. They had a special plan involving a strange form of time travel, where Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) can send the mind of anyone (usually Lucas Bishop), several days in the past to warn the survivors of the coming Sentinel attack.

Xavier, had the idea of sending someback to 1973, to stop Mystique from killing the Sentinels creator Dr. Bolivar Trask. Originally, Logan decides go back since his mind would be able to handle the transition, Shadowcat successfully sends him back and he goes of to find the young professor.

He gets to the school, he sees a younger Hank McCoy (Beast), and finds a young Prof. X, together they recruit a boy that Logan, will come to know in the future, named Peter (Quicksilver) and they go to Washington to bust out Magneto. They succeed, Xavier asks for his word that he won't harm anyone (but we all know where that's gonna go).

They eventually find Mystique in Paris, but of course Erik breaks his promise and attempts to kill Mystique out in public where the whole world get their first contact with mutants for the first time. After this president Nixon, decides to fund Trask's Sentinel project.

Back in the future the Sentinels are starting their final assault on the X-Men, Future Magneto and the others try to hold them off, just giving Shadowcat enough time for Logan and Xavier enough time to save the future. Logan gets tied up in some cables and tossed to the sea by Magneto, and Mystique shoots him, she was just about to kill Trask but, after some persuasion from Xavier decides not to and flees. Thus stopping the dark future.

Logan then wakes up in an alternate 2023, where everything was back to normal, and Jean Grey and Scott Summers (Cyclops) are alive. Back in 1973, the Sentinel project was canceled, Trask was arrested and, we see Mystique (disguised as William Stryker) fishing Logan from under the sea.

This was epic! Don't get me wrong there were a few continuity problems here and there (how did Kitty learn to teleport a persons consciousness). Everyone gave amazing performances as they're respective characters. Hugh Jackman was a still awesome, both he and Evan Peters stole show as Wolverine and Quicksilver respectively, Peter Dinklage gave a great performance as the cold and calculating Bolivar Trask. And I'd be remised not to mention the stellar performances of James McAvoy , Patrick Stewart, Michael Fassbender, and of course Jennifer Lawrence.

It was great to finally see the Sentinels on screen, Instead of just seeing the disembodied head of one in the danger room. I wasn't too crazy about the designs for the Sentinels used in the 1973 sequences, but the ones used in the 2023 were very cool, capable of adapting to any power that gets in there way.

So, it's an outstanding film, if you have yet to see it, you better hurry up, before time runs out. Oh, and be sure to stay after the credits. No, it has nothing to do with the Avengers or Amazing Spider-Man, but, it teases my second favorite storyline.

This film was 10 times better than Amazing Spider-Man 2, but what do I think of that movie?

I’ll tell you later…

RANK: 5 out of 5


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