The Fate Of The Cutting Room Floor (The show at least)….

For at least 2 years now, I’ve been planning to making a review series, and for over a year you’ve waited patiently for the show, well I have some bad news about the show. I am sad to announce that The Cutting Room Floor is now officially cancelled.

Back in March, I explained during the first post for HIMYM Month, I told you that I was having computer problems, you see, the problem was my own fault, downloaded dangerous and (likely illegal) software. Something else I should note is I’m operating from a notebook computer, so I’m not able to use disk-type software allowing me to get the movies I need.

When I downloaded two movies for that were going to be used for the show. When I did it everything seemed fine and then a week later, while I was just surfing the web, I get a message box saying I have a virus. Everything was starting to get infected, with most of the scripts and footage that was planned to be used for the show was corrupted.

I did manage to get the virus removed, but at the cost of the editing software, a majority of the scripts, music and, a few images. For a two months, I’ve been trying to come up a way to tell all of you how the show won’t happen anytime soon. But, nothing can be more easier than the truth.

In the mean time there’s still the blog and the Tumblr page, I’ll still post things on the blog, and I’m trying to keep the tumblr updated as possible; not to mention I still have the Transformers Revisited series to do.

But, if you’re not interested in any off that, I certainly won’t blame you for un-following me. If you do, then I want to thank you all for following me and for giving me something else to do other than drawing comics and sharing my thoughts on TV and Film with all my friends and family.



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