Top 10 Boy Meets World Episodes

Top 10 Boy Meets World Episodes

Oh wow! I gotta tell you, I could not wait to post this one! So as I’m sure you all know next month, the Disney Channel will premiere the highly anticipated sequel to one of ABC’s coolest shows: Boy Meets World called: Girl Meets World, will lightning strike twice for Michael Jacobs and Disney? We’ll have to wait on June 27th at 9:45pm to find out.

In the meantime, lets look back to the days before GMW, before Cory and Topanga became parents, when Sega was the ruling the world, when ABC had a cool Friday night line-up, involving destructive nerds, blended families, teen witches, basketball players turned teachers, etc. This is the top 10 boy meets world episodes.

10. Wheels (Season 4)- This, gave Cory’s dad, Alan more character development (he’s had three character arcs this season). Cory’s now 16 years old and wants to celebrate with Shawn and Topanga, instead of celebrating with his family, this really upsets Alan when Cory and friends go to see an R-rated movie and get arrested. The story involving Cory is very relatable after all, when you’re 16 and you have a license, all you want to do is drive; in fact I even wrote about it when I was in high school. The highlight of the episode was seeing Cory in a courtroom ran by his brother’s TV dad: Dan Lauria and, seeing him make hats and swords out of balloons.

9. Fraternity Row (Season 5)- This is one of two of the Shawn-oriented episodes. In this episode, Shawn’s neglecting his schoolwork (at the most important time of his academic career), believing that it won’t matter when he goes to college, and then he happens to sit into a college lecture, impresses the professor and love college so much, that because of his devotion to college and neglect to his schoolwork he was suspended. Of course everything orks out in the end. The B plot involved Eric and Jack starting their own fraternity (Magnum Pi), but it’s funny, but it’s not that important. And speaking of Shawn…

8. Chick Like Me (Season 4)- This is the other Shawn episode I like amazingly Shawn’s primary role in the episode is slight after thought, it’s a battle of the sexes at John Adams High, when the boys lean that girls expect different things when on a date. Shawn then inspires Cory’s article in the school newspaper, “Chick Like Me” (a play on the book “Black Like Me”) where Shawn dresses as a girl (Veronica Wasboyski) gets asked out by that one guy from Sweet Valley High and learned a little about being too fast for women.

7. Teacher’s Bet (Season 1)- Let’s face it, we all believed this before watching this episode, Cory thinks Feeny has it easy being a teacher, so to prove a point Feeny agrees to a bet,: for a week Cory teaches his social studies class (who jus happen to be reading The Diary Of Anne Frank) and Feeny sits with the class. If Cory wins he gets part of Feeny’s check and if Feeny wins he gets Cory’s new bike. Later, just as Cory starts to realize he bit off more than he chewed, Eric’s girlfriend of the week was insulted by a racist. Cory finally gets through to the class and the bet ends in a tie; and new found respect for each other.

6. Hometown Hero (Season 3)- In this early season 3, Cory having struggling to be cool in high school and is fed up when a teacher continuously lets a jock shirk off his work (something that would get both the teacher fired and the jock to flunk out). One night, Cory and Shawn go to the school to drop off some homework, but accidently set fire to the school’s science lab. Cory is celebrated as a hero, with everyone treating him as the greatest person to ever walk the school, of course Mr. Feeny is buying it. Cory admits to causing the fire and gets to repaint the school for his trouble.

5. The War/Seven The Hard Way (Season 7)- Next to the wedding episode and the series finale, this was one of the finest episodes in all of season 7 providing character development for the new characters. After a misunderstanding with Rachel over her parking spot Cory, Shawn and Topanga start a prank war against the newbies of the show (Rachel, Jack and Angela) with Eric stuck in the middle and Feeny watching from the side. near the end Cory and Shawn take it WAY too far witch leads to the end of the friendships between everyone… And that was just part one.
In part two, Eric and Mr. Feeny team up to try and mend their friendships to no avail, even to the point of Feeny just walking out on everyone. Later we get a small (alternate) glimpse of what happens to everyone in the future. In that time (in one of the highlights of the series) Eric (or “Plays With Squirrels”) finally gets through to them with the saying:
“Loose one friend, Loose all friends, loose yourself.” And in the end everyone made up again

4. Quiz Show (Season 4)- Another one of the show’s finer episodes, this dealing with the early decline of education and the rise of entertainment. A boring academic quiz show, decides to up their game up by adding more humor and pop cultural questions, take that along with have Cory and Shawn (who in this episode (and a few others) were portrayed as being extra silly), this upsets Mr. Feeny to deliver one of the most memorable scenes in the show.

3. Life Lessons (Season 3)- It’s finals time at the school, and is mad worst when Feeny posts a difficult exam schedule that upsets a lot of the students, so upset that vandalized Feeny’s home. This episode’s a favorite of mine because in this we actually see Feeny in a more vulnerable light, something we’ve never seen before and sure when we were in school I’m sure we’ve all had those kinds of feelings about most teachers, but of course we wouldn’t do that. What else rally highlighted the story was seeing Shawn recite the First Amendment to one of the bullies, showing that he has learned some things from Feeny, and that he (and Mr. Turner) still have a lot to teach him, Cory and Topanga.

2. Everybody Loves Stuart (Season 6)- My second favorite episode features one of the best (and unlikely) actors to play a villain: Fred Savage! Fred plays a “hip” young professor who won over everyone in his class, (none more so than Shawn and Topanga). Ironically it’s Eric who got the bad vibe from Stuart, of course when he tells everyone they just ignore him. As the story progresses we learn that Stuart is attracted to Topanga and actually hits on her in her dorm no less. This leads Cory to almost get suspended for shoving him into the door. On the verge of getting expelled, everyone bands together to testify against Stuart, leading to Stuart’s (possible (off screen)) firing.

1. I Was A Teenage Spy (Season 3)- This isn’t just my favorite BMW episode but one of my favorite time travel episodes of any TV shows (I’ll get to those someday). Cory’s writing a paper on the Sputnik satellite, when he accidently plugged in a faulty microwave, he time traveled to the 1950s, where he meets 50s versions of his friends. It was an enjoyable adventure, with a lot of references to 50s, nuclear warfare, Russian spies and, cameos from Happy Days alums, (the late) Tom Bosley, Pat Morita and, Anson Williams.

Honorable Mentions
The Fugitive
Sister Theresa
City Slackers
B & B’s B ‘n’ B
Raging Cory
Better Than The Average Cory
Brotherly Shove

And that’s my top 10 Boy Meets World episodes.

And if somehow pigs finally leaned how to fly and the people at Disney Enterprises actually read this list all the way the very end, please don’t ruin Girl Meets World, a lot of people have fears about this and they keep hearing the show’s gonna be great, but we want to see results. Now you did a great job with Marvel and The Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so far Star Wars Episode VII is looking good (at least casting wise), please, please DO Not ruin this show.

Thank you

I’ll see you all next time


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