Dead Television: Supah Ninjas

Dead Television: Supah Ninjas

It’s really no secret that the three kids networks have gone downhill since around the mid to late 00s. Most of these shows range from bad to mediocre and some are pretty good and enjoyable to watch. This is one of them: Supah Ninjas.

The series revolves around Mike Fukanaga and his friends, Owen and Amanda. After the death of his grandfather (played by George Takei), Mike is given a mysterious letter which leads him to discover that he comes from a long line of vigilante ninjas. With Owen, and Amanda, they form the “Supah Ninjas.” They are trained with a hologram of Mike’s grandfather, whom Owen refers to as “Hologramps” and his sparing robot Yamato.

The ninjas faced a wide variety of villains some were interesting (ranging from deranged chessmasters to internet personalities) and other that were just parodies or loose homages to existing comic book villains. Examples include The Rhymer, who’s kind of like The Ridler (if he was a rapper), Mr. Bradford, the school’s science teacher who started transforming into a bug-like monster similar to The Lizard from Spider-Man, ant the there’s Wallflower, she’s kind similar to Poison Ivy but she has no powers or plant-like abilities. She just dresses the part.

Another villain (or should I say villains), are a rival group of ninjas known as the Ishina Clan, unlike the Ninjas the Ishina’s strength lies in it’s numbers It’s lead by Hologramps’ evil twin Kagema (also played by Takei) and Mike’s irritating Cousin, Connor. The Ishina entered the secret dojo twice, the first time they were looking for a weapon called the “Floating Sword”. And the second time, they trashed the Dojo, along with Hologramps and Yamato, they even brought they’re own robot.

Desperate to bring back his grandfather Mike and the Ninjas decide to recruit a tech-savvy classmate named Quentin (i.e. Kid Q) to repair the dojo, Yamato and, Hologramps. In the show’s final episode The Ishina and The Ninjas finally find the Floating Sword, and having a epic battle for the sword. In the end the Ninjas win the day and begin: “The next level of your training.”

Or do they…

In the end we get an implication that Amanda may have feelings for Mike, and just before Mike gets ready to go home Kagema attacks and kidnaps Mike.

Supah Ninjas was a pretty fun show, sometimes the villains are a little lackluster save for a couple (Jellyface, Mechanov and Checkmate), the episodes involving the Ishina and the Floating Sword were interesting watches. It was one of the few good shows that Nickelodeon aired and was canceled to soon, if you see it in reruns give it watch.

RANK: 4 out of 5

Next time is a Top 10, and were gonna go back in time to a better more simpler time, that’s right: The 90s.


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