Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Guest Stars

Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Guest Stars

Well, we made folks, this is the final week of How I Met Your Mother Month. Now let’s wrap it up with the Top 10 Guest Stars that have shown up in the past nine years. Then keep reading for a special announcement for the Cutting Room’s Tumblr page.

Let’s begin! …Spoilers

10. Chris Elliot (Mickey Aldrin)- Chris Elliot played Lily’s estranged deadbeat father. Chris Elliot appeared on the show several times after.

9. David Burtka (Scooter)- David (NPH’s real life husband) play’s a cafeteria server stalker who dated Lily back in high school and became obsessed with Lily and tries to win her back and fails in the attempt.

8. Laura Prepon (Karen)- Laura Prepon (well remembered from That 70’s Show) plays possibly the worst character on Ted ever dated, she’s sarcastic, she’s snobby, she always cheated on Ted. She ‘s just the worst character on the show, but Laura was awesome as her.

7. Frances Conroy (Loretta Stinson)- I’m not gonna lie I have now clue who this woman is, and this is the only role she’s done that I’m aware of (at this time). But I really love her role as Loretta, her character serves as a good counterpart for Barney.

6. Sarah Chalke (Stella Zinman)- Sarah is well recognized for playing replacing Lecy Goranson then getting replaced by Goranson and briefly replacing her again on Roseanne and Elliot Reid on Scrubs. She played Ted’s (first) love and potential wife but decided to run off with her ex-boyfriend Tony.

5. Becki Newton (Quinn Garvey)- Becki played Barney’s equivilant to Stella, he almost married her, but their relationship ended due to their inability to trust one another.

4. Erin Cahill (Heather Mosby)- I already went over this in the Top 10 favorite characters so I’ll be brief here: Erin Cahill, she was in Power Rangers and Damn it if she’s not the most gorgeous woman from that show…. Moving on.

3. Bryan Cranston (Hammond Druthers)- Bryan Cranston is just awesome in his role, as a condescending boss at Ted’s old architecture firm, he’s well known for making an inappropriate building, if you’ve seen the episode you know how they described it.

2. Alan Thicke (TV’s Alan Thicke)- Alan Thicke palys an mildly exaggerated version of himself he’s very good friends with Robin and seems to be friends with the gang. I’m really hoping to see him this Monday in the finale.

1. John Lithgow (Jerome Whittaker)- John Lithgow played Barney’s biological father, he (apparently) use to be as wild and crazy as Barney is (or use to be), but eventually settled down for a simpler life. By the show’s final season Barney seems to have connected with Jerome and his family.

Honorable Mentions:
Bill Fagerbakke (Marvin Erikson Sr.)
Christine Rose (Virginia Mosby)
Lucy Hale (Katie Scherbatsky)
Seth Green (Daryl)
Bob Barker

And that is the last list of How I Met Your Mother Month, I hope you enjoyed these lists, enjoy the series finale this Monday Night at 8, followed by the new sitcom Friends With Better Lives, but no one’s gonna watch it. That’s like watching a new sitcom after the series finale of Frasier.

Now on to the big announcement, last year I talked about doing a Transformers retrospective series. and it is now officially happening, also it’s going to be a Tumblr exclusive series so, if have yet to follow me on Tumblr, I’m at:

Next time my 50th post. What is it? I don’t know, I’ve got brainstorming to do! Later.

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