Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Songs

Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Songs

We’re two weeks away from How I Met Your Mother’s grand finale, and boy these last couple of episodes really fun to watch and are tying up all the loose ends perfectly.
So next to episodes and characters, there’s one other thing that makes the show in a word: legendary. Music, and it makes sense seeing how the creators of the show have their own band (who also happens to sing the theme, but we’ll get to that).

So were gonna look at the 10 best songs on HIMYM (covers included), so let’s dive right in!

By the by: Spoilers!

10. Marshal VS The Machines (Subway Wars)- Marshal’s personal go-to folk theme song, he plays this (in his head) while racing his friends (and for reasons of… well, compensation). the song is heard again in Season 9, when Marshal decides to go to Farhampton by foot.

9. La Vie En Rose (How Your Mother Met Me)- The song was originally written 1945 and sung by Edith Piaf in 1947 since then it became her signature song and was covered by countless performers (Louis Armstrong, BB King, even Jack Nicolson).

In the last moments of How Your Mother Met Me, The Mother sings this on the balcony of her hotel room next to Ted. Future Ted said that it was the first and most favorite time he heard that song.

8. Bang Bang Bangity Bang (Of Course)- If there was ever a more inappropriate song to sing while one is getting over a break up, its definitely this one! One day, Marshal talked to Robin about how active Barney’s been, which lead to him breaking into song, late Ted walks up and ends up singing a long which lead to Barney walking up with a pair of Spoons and sings along too, much to Robin’s chargrin. At the end of the episode, Robin sings the song with everyone (sans Barney) to describe her date.

7. Best Night Ever (The Sexless Inkeeper)- Barney and Robin in their (pre-season 7 relationship) hung out for a night with Marshal and Lily. Barney and Robin hated it, but Marshal and Lily thought that they had fun, so Marshal made an E-Vite for another double date with a very catchy tune.

6. Stand By Me (Cleaning House)- I already talked about how wonderful Cristin Milioti’s rendition on La Vie En Rose was, but before that there was Wayne Brady and Ben Vereen’s take on the classic song “Stand By Me”. We all know James and Barney don’t exactly have the same dad, so in this episode James finally meets his biological father they embrace each other and sing “Stand By Me” together Barney continuously interrupting their performance.

5. You Just Got Slapped (Slap Bet and Slapsgiving Trilogy)- Way back in season 2, we were introduced to the “Slap Bet” gag, Barney and Marshal made the bet to see weather or not Robin was a porn star or not. Of course we learn she was a pop star, Lilly (as Slap Bet Commissioner) gives Barney a choice to get slapped 10 times immediately or get slapped 5 times at any point for eternity, Barney chose the latter. Since then Marshal slapped 4 times with the last one (possibly) coming next week.

Marshal wrote a song on what he called Slapsgiving and since then there have been multiple versions of the song a slow jams version, a version made for board game commercial, theres even one with Boyz II Men.

4. Superdate (Of Course)- Next to two other songs on the list, this is one of my personal favorites. Barney wants to have sex with an self-help author played by Jennifer Lopez, but states that sex come after the 17th date. So, Ted comes up with a plan to squeeze 17 dates into one whole date: a superdate.

3. Puzzles Theme (Tailgate)- I briefly went over this song in the top 10 HIMYM episodes that anyone who loves Cheers would get a kick out of the Ted and Barney subplot. Ted and barney turn the apartment into a bar for a night, and Ted wrote a song for the bar which sounds vaguely similar to Cheers. Its also worth noting that the Cheers theme actually did play at the end of the episode “Swarley”, they even altered the end credits to resemble the ones used in Cheers.

2. Sandcastles In The Sand (Sandcastles In The Sand)- An another one I really love is Sandcastles In The Sand, Robin wrote it as her follow up to Let’s go To The Mall, it didn’t do so well, this and disliking his pop persona lead to her becoming grunge singer Robin Daggers. The song had a very wonderful music video (well, you already knew that!) and it had awesome cameos from Tiffany and Alan Thicke. It’s a beautiful song and a beautiful music video.

1. Hey Beautiful (Entire Run)- Now, you’re all familiar with the theme song, you hear it every time the show starts or after the teaser, but what you don’t know is, that’s just the last part of song. The longer version is a nifty pop-rock song, by a band called the Solids, the band Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are in. There are a lot of fan made music videos on Youtube, check ’em out!

Honorable Mentions
Shame On You
Mosbius Designs Has Failed
Let’s Go To The Mall
Barney Stinson: That Guy’s Awesome
PS I Love You

And much like the five slaps Marshal owes Barney, only one more list is left, so next week prepare to get starstruck!


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