Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Characters

Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Characters

So, last week I shared my favorite episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. Today, we’re gonna look at my favorite characters in the show. Which ones? Any of them! Main, secondary, one-off, etc. Anyway, let’s begin! And remember: Spoilers!

10. Barney Stinson (Seasons 1-9)- He wears suits, he loves laser tag, but not as much as he loves women. He often follows the Bro Code and claims that he has several famous ancestors who assisted in the Bro Code’s creation. He first appeared in season 1 (of course) and appeared in every episode since.

9. George “The Captain” Van Smoot (seasons 6 and 9)- He first shows up on the scene as Zoey Pierson’s husband. He’s very obsessed with boats. He often asks people to refer to him as The Captain. He first shows up in season 6.

8. Heather Mosby (Season 4)- Ted’s (irresponsible) little sister, who once pawned Ted’s property just to get Nine Inch Nails Tickets… In Spain. She only showed up for one episode and was mentioned in Home Wreckers.

SIDENOTE: I not gonna lie, I think I just like her character because it’s Jen from Power Rangers Time Force, my favorite installment in the Power Rangers franchise (we’ll get to that another day).

7. Tim Gunn (Seasons 5 and 9)- He’s portrayed as Barney’s emergency tailor. He showed up once as one-off character but recently appeared in season 9 as one Barney”s wedding guests.

6. James Stinson (Season 2-9)- Barney’s gay African American half-brother who tends to do the same things as Barney. He first appeared in Season 2 and is the second most recurring character.

5. Luke and Penny (Seasons 1-9)- As some of you know, Ted is telling this story to his teenage children the story of how he met their mother, sometimes they were invested in it but other times they were getting very bored (like most teens).

They first appeared prominently in season 1 with occasional speaking roles, in season 2 they started appearing and speaking less due to the actors going through puberty, in season 3 and onward they were shown in stock footage only, accept for a very amusing trailer at last years Comic-Con and a scene they filmed for the series finale prior to filming season 2.

4. Victoria (Seasons 1, 5, 6 and 9)- The very first candidate for The Mother, they broke up near the end of season 1 after a failed attempt at a long distance relationship and Ted’s attempt to cheat on her with Robin. She showed up again in seasons 5 and 6 and recently had a cameo in season 9

3. The Mother (Season 9)- The eponymous character in the story, The Mother was alluded to several times in the series until we finally saw her at the end of season 8, throughout season 9, we got to learn more about her life (none more so than “How Your Mother Met Me”). And I gotta give credit to the show runners for hiring an unknown actress to play the mother, good thinking. She was mentioned countless times on the series, before officially becoming a main character in season 9.

2. Ranjit Singh (Seasons 1-9)- He’s the gang’s trusty cab and limo driver, who occasionally serves as the honorary sixth member of the group. He first showed up in season 1 and has appeared more times than any reccuring character.

1. Ted Mosby (Seasons 1-9)- Our hero folks telling this story, (much to the his kids’ chargrin), Ted’s a very relatable character who always believes that he’ll find the right woman and eventually he will and he gives single people like me and everyone else in the world hope. He first appears in season 1 and he’ll meet his destiny very soon.

Honorable Mentions:
Marshal Erikson
Don Frank
Virginia Mosby
Marvin Erikson, Sr.

And that’s all for now next week, put on your dancing shoes on, cause were looking at the best songs on the show.


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