Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Episodes

Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Episodes

Hello everyone, as promised I’ll be doing Top 10s of a fantastic show: How I Met Your Mother. So for this installment I’ll be going over some of my favorite episodes. I meant to have this out over the weekend, but my computer was about to crash so I needed to get that fixed up.

But I digress, let’s suit up, and take a look back on the incredible story almost 9 years in the making. Also, if you haven’t seen this show yet… Oh, you know.

10. How I Met Everyone Else (Season 3)- A very well crafted episode exploring how Ted met everyone (except Robin, cause we know that story), and how everyone met each other. we also get a look into the future (13 yrs from the time the episode aired) of Ted, Lilly and Marshall. There were also references to smoking marijuana, personally, I just try to ignore that.

9. The Best Man (Season 7)- There was great romantic development in the Barney/Robin dept. Also we get to the second part of the shows biggest subplot, involving Barney getting married to someone…

8. Legendaddy (Season 6)- A pretty emotional episode in the series, picking up after a few episodes after an episode with Katy Perry, Barney meets the man who he always thought was his Uncle, who turned out to be his estranged Father. The ending was very sad, almost in the vein of Fresh Prince’s Papa’s Gotta A Brand New Excuse (BTW, The actor who played Will’s Father appears on HIMYM several times).

7. Trilogy Time (Season 7)- Interesting story where we learn that the guys watch the Original Star Wars Trilogy every three years and predict their how futures turn out. Of course Ted gets upset over his future not turning out the it should. But of course we learn three years later (at the time of the airing), that everything is back on track, especially with Ted.

6. Come On (Season 1)- This was a depressing way to end the first season. Marshal finds out Lily’s plans to go to San Francisco which leads to an argument, which leads to them cancelling their wedding. There was also a subplot with Ted wanting to keep Robin away from going camping co-worker (who quit his job just so he could date her) Sandy Rivers, by performing a rain dance. It was funny but not that relevant.

5. Girls Versus Suits (Season 5)- This was the shows 100th episode, and of course, like most TV shows that reach 100 episodes you’ve got to all out, and boy do they do that. Ted starts dating a woman he met when he accidently went into the wrong classroom, near the end we see some nifty allusions to The Mother (who turns out to be the woman’s roommate). Of course the most famous part of the episode is where Barney has a moral dilemma between weather or not to keep his suits or have sex with the new bartender, which lead into the famous song.

4. Tailgate (Season 6)- Back in season 4 Ted and Barney briefly took over their bar MacLarens and called it Puzzles. Two years later Ted, Barney, and Robin’s now ex-boyfriend Kevin reopen the bar in Ted’s apartment complete with a familiar looking logo design and a very familiar theme tune…
Also Marshal visits his deceased father’s grave to carry on their eponymous tradition of tailgating.

3. Sandcastles In The Sand (Season 3)- The episode where everything changes. Robin’s ex from Canada comes to New York to visit. Throughout the episode Barney is on the hunt for a tape that contains something with Robin as her 80s pop persona Robin Sparkles. It turns out robin herself has the only copy, they watch it together (several times) until they stop watching it… James Van Der Beek was just hilarious as Simon with and without his make-up. And I love the title song and it’s music video. But don’t take my word for it…

2. Robots Versus Wrestlers (Season 5)- Ted’s starting to feel like he and his friends are growing apart. They (sans Robin) go to a fancy party hosted by Michael York and featured a lot of well known people, but Barney and the others want to go see Robots Versus Wrestlers instead but they get much more than they bargained for when they see something unexpected. I loved the great chemistry between Ted, Michael York, Will Shortz, Arianna Huffington, and Peter Bogdanovich. The designs and engineering of the two robots were very nifty as well.

1. Something New (Season 8)- Even if you haven’t seen this episode you must’ve heard people talk about it, this is the episode with possibly the greatest payoff in any TV show ever made. This is the second part of the season finale, and a lot of stuff went down. Marshal was given an opportunity to become a judge, Lily wants to go to Italy, Ted’s going to Chicago, and all of this is happening on the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding. But of course the ending is indeed the most memorable, but I am NOT gonna spoil that one.

Honorable Mentions:
How Your Mother Met Me (Season 9)
Challenge Accepted (Season 6)
Wooo! (Season 4)
Home Wreckers (Season 5)
Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM (Season 1)

And there you have it, next week (as long as I don’t have anymore computer problems) were gonna take a look at the characters of the series.


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