The Lego Movie Review

The Lego Movie Review

WARNING!! This post will contain major spoilers for a movie currently in it’s theatrical run, DO NOT read this post if you haven’t already seen it.

You know what’s cool? Legos. You know what’s cooler? Movies about Lego’s. Over the years there have been at least 5 full length films based on Lego sets (there may be more than 5 so don’t quote me on this), those films weren’t bad (save for two),today, we’re going to talk about Lego’s first foray into the theatrical world, The Lego Movie.

I saw the movie two weeks ago for my birthday, it’s a pretty funny, I had know idea this was going to be as huge as it is now. Even when I saw the first trailer for the film I thought it was going to bomb, there’s no way this’ll work, then the second trailer came out and I regained confidence for the film.

So, the hero: Emmett, he’s just an average minifigure, who just lives his life like everyone in Lego City, while working he comes across a powerful artifact called the Piece Of Resistance, this draws the attention of President (Lord) Business, he sends out his robot police force, lead by Bad Cop. Emmett is saved by a woman named Wildstyle (because poor literacy is KEWL!!) who takes him to a wizard stereotype Vitruvius, who both believed him to be “The Special” the greatest of all the Master Builders.

Business, plans on freezing the Lego world using Krazy Glue (or the KraGle), Bussiness almost kills Emmett, who just falls off the set where we see that the entire movie is being acted out by a boy’s imagination, the boy’s father (who’s lego set is being used for the movie), was upset at first but he came around in time for the end. Emmett gets back to Lego City and convinces Business not to glue Lego City (long story), and they all lived happily ever after.
Or do they….

This film is outstanding, I actually felt like a kid seeing all these Lego’s, and the very convincing CG, one of reasons I thought the film was gonna suck was cause I thought it was going to be in stop motion and making everything out of Lego. They’re were some very creative constructs made in this movie, when I was a kid I could only dream of building some of the things I saw in this film, I especially loved the design of the character Metalbeard (who’s Lego set I’m planning on buying soon) a robot pirate.

Everyone did a great job voicing their characters, Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks did a great job as Emmett and Wildstyle respectively. Morgan Freeman was outstanding as Vitruvius, Will Ferrell played the villain Lord Business and another character, I won’t reveal who. But the best actors in this film has to be Liam Neeson as Bad Cop every time he switches from bad to good I just found it hysterical (especially when he does the Good Cop voice), and Will Arnett as Batman.

All and all The Lego Movie was a wonderful film, it’s already out doing other films out in theaters right now, it might even outdo Frozen (speaking of did anyone see the sing-along version?). The Lego Movie is a lot of fun, it’s still in theaters and it’s got a lot to offer for everyone. And while your out go buy some of the sets, they’re pretty cool too.

Oh, and I’d be crazy not to include this in the review… Sorry.

RANK: 5 out of 5


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