Voltron The End

Voltron The End

I know I said I couldn’t really find anymore interesting fan films, and at that point I didn’t. And then I came across this short film, so you know where this is leading to, right?

Before we start, let’s get the uninitiated, initiate. The original series was created by Peter Keefe and John Teichmann in 1984 using re-dubbed, edited footage from the anime Beast King Go-Lion. The series was an immediate hit in the United States, topping the syndication market for children’s programs in the mid-1980s.

The anime Mirai Robo Daltanious was originally planned to be adapted by World Events Productions as part of Voltron. When requesting master tapes from Toei Animation for translation purposes, the World Events Productions producers requested the “ones with the lion.” Mistakenly, Toei then proceeded to ship World Events copies of Beast King Go-Lion, another “combining-robot” cartoon featuring lion-shaped fighters. Because the World Events producers greatly preferred Go-Lion to Daltanious, and Go-Lion, went on to become the most popular animated series of that time (next to Transformers G1)

After World Events ran out of Go-Lion footage, plans for new episodes of Voltron episodes were made using an two unrelated shows: Armored Fleet Dairugger XV and Lightspeed Electroid Albegas. Dairugger XV was adapted as Vehicle Voltron, but wasn’t as popular as Go-Lion. The plans for Albegas’ (or Gladiator Voltron) adaptation was canceled, after the lackluster success of Dairugger XV, but there were still toys based on the robot(s) made.

In 1998, World Events made a cg animated series featuring the Lion Voltron called Voltron: The Third Dimension, it was a moderate success, but a lot of fans of the classic series weren’t that impressed. In 2011, World Events made a new series using traditional animation and CG Voltron Force, which was a successful, but sadly was canceled too soon. More on those two later…

Since 2005, World Events began toying with the idea of making a live-action movie, the film has been in development hell since. But in the mean time, we have this short film to keep us patient (but that can only last so long).

With that said…


Red Lion’s pilot Lance Rainier wakes up to the warning notices of his lion is critically damaged and is losing life-support systems as a result of an “accident”. He is unable to contact his teammates, and his onboard computer presumes that the other lions were destroyed in the accident. With less than 10 minutes of oxygen left in the cockpit, Lance risks his remaining energy to record a message to the Galaxy Alliance, warning them Voltron has failed, King Zarkon has won, and they must prepare for the inevitable. He ends his message assuring the Alliance that Voltron will return. The computer bids him farewell after sending the message.

This was a impressive short, kind of in the vein on the Sonic Fan Film, being a spec film to show studios how Voltron would look in live-action. I also like the idea of seeing Voltron really lose, and seeing (at least one of) the lions damaged beyond repair was very cool.

I hope Relativity Media is watching this, so they’ll now how to handle voltron.

RANK: 5 out of 5

Next time The Lego Movie


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