A Tribute To JewWario

A Tribute To JewWario

In 2012, I discovered a hilarious web series called Nostalgia Critic, when I saw it, I have never laughed as hard as did when I saw this show. Days later I learned that Nostalgia Critic is just one of several critics that work for Channel Awesome (I.E. Thatguywiththeglasses.com), overtime I decided to check out the others (Linkara, Nostalgia Chick, Spoony, etc.), it wasn’t until last year that I saw a retro game critic named Justin Carmical, better known as JewWario.

For those who don’t know who he is, JewWario (or J-Dub as most called him) did a series called You Can Play This, which shows how you can play import video games (mostly those from japan). The video he did that caught my eye was his two year anniversary video, I can tell you as a fan of Kamen Rider, I enjoyed and I was very excited when I found that J-Dub wanted to do a full fledged series based his character, I was pretty disappointed when I found out his IndieGoGo campaign fell through. Despite that he didn’t let that hold him back and continued doing what he loved.

Sadly, last night Doug Walker announced on Facebook that J-Dub died. I for one couldn’t believe it when I found out, so I searched Twitter, Linkara had some mournful words to say about this., so I checked Google and I saw a message from J-Dub’s wife explaining that he committed suicide this weekend.

In the videos that I’ve seen him in, weather it was his gaming videos, cooking videos or even an interview, he was only happy and upbeat and always loved what he did for his fans and everyone at TGWTG. And it just breaks my heart knowing that we’ll never see him on Blip.tv or Youtube again.

His catchphrase was “I like it!” and we like you… No, we love you and we’ll never forget you.

This came from his last livestream, I don’t mean to sound corny but, if you or anyone you know has any thoughts of suicide, just remember these thoughts from a pretty smart man.

In Memory Of Justin Carmical (AKA JewWario) 1971-2014


One thought on “A Tribute To JewWario

  1. I'm with ya. February 8, 2014 / 1:42 am

    Great post! Justin Carmical was a prince.

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