Frozen Review

Frozen Review

For my very first theatrical film review I’ve decided to review a film I just saw hours ago, that is how good Frozen is. It’s the first Disney movie I’ve seen in a long time (excluding the Marvel movies) that’s how big an impact Frozen had on me.

This was the third Disney movie I’ve seen in theaters (the first being Mulan and the second being TRON Legacy), Most Disney movies I’ve seen were either on TV or any form of home media. I’m not gonna lie, but I really wanted to see the “Let It Go” sequence. I’ve seen it on YouTube, but I wanted to se how it looked on the big screen in 3D (more on “Let It Go” later). I’ll try not to spoil the movie too much, if I do, then I apologize in advance.

A happy-go-lucky princess named Anna teams up with a mountain man named Kristoff, his trusty reindeer Sven and a talking Snowman named Olaf in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose cryokinetic powers have trapped their kingdom in eternal winter.

The cast gave excellent performances and just had fun in their roles. When I was watched the film, I didn’t see Kristen Bell or Josh Gad, I actually saw an adventurous princess who really wanted to find her sister and a snowman who wants to experience summer.

The music and visuals were just beautiful. Earlier I mentioned the song “Let It Go”, I soon as saw the sequence on YouTube I immediately fell in love with it, which version? Both of them. Demi Lovato did a wonderful job with the song. She (Lovato) says that the song is relatable and she could identify with the song and Elsa accepting her powers and destiny, but I kinda like Idina Menzel’s version a little more, Idina’s version had way more energy and excitement.

The designs and landscapes of the film were outstanding, the designers were inspired by Norwegian influence and elements (buildings, foods, clothing, etc.). The filmmakers’ actually took a trip to Norway to provided essential knowledge for the animators to come up with the design aesthetic for the film in terms of color, light, and atmosphere.

On the hole, Frozen was a spectacular film, I was pretty embarrassed seeing this film without either a date or sibling, but I am so glad, I went in anyway. I highly recommend this film, either see this in theaters (while you still can) or wait for the Blu-Ray release (I know it’s early, but get the 3D Blu-Ray).

RANK: 5 out of 5


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