Last Post Of 2013

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday. Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, I went away for the both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So for this final post of the year, I thought I’d make a few announcements.

First: I wish to thank you all for the Top 10 Favorite Frasier Episodes, my most read post on the site. Also, for the two commenters for leaving they’re comments on the post (you know who you are).

Second: Jan. 12, marks the one year anniversary of the Cutting Room, starting this month I’ll start review actual movies instead of internet fan films (mainly, cause I can’t find anymore fan films that interests me) save for MMPR; and I’ll be taking requests for films to review on here.

Third: In addition to Film Reviews Top 10s, and Dead Television, I’m going to introduce a new segment where I compare remakes, reboots and rip-offs to it’s source material. I don’t have a name for it yet, but I’m opened to suggestions.

Lastly: After the success of Marvel Month, I’m pleased to announce that Marvel Month II is officially set for next October, and I’m also toying with the idea of looking at shows based on DC Comics sometime, keep an eye out for the official announcement.

Well, that’s all for 2013, I hope that 2014 will be a great year. Again, thank you all for following me and commenting on my posts, and I’m truly sorry I didn’t get the show up and running in time, let’s hope it finally happens someday.


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