Top 10 Underratered Movies

I thought I share with all of you some films that to me, are pretty underrated and never talked about as much as they should, now keep in mind this is told from a biased perspective and these are just opinion based, so no negative comments. So lets begin.

10. Bionicle: The Legend Begins- I know the Bionicle films don’t exactly have the best rap with some fans, but this film totally makes up for it. The film is based on their Glatorian line, and got stars like Michael Dorn and Marla Sokoloff. I heard this was part of a new trilogy of films, but alas due to the line ending it never came to fruition. but this film is still pretty enjoyable to watch.

9. Batman Forever- I’m not entirely sure but I think I’m one of a very few people who actually liked this movie. But, what can I say it’s a pretty fun and enjoyable film, plus Jim Carrey as The Riddler, next to Jim Carrey’s casting in The Mask and Ron Pearlman as Hellboy, that was excellent casting. Batman Forever: Campy and toyetic, but still pretty enjoyable.

8. The Iron Giant- I’m sure you’ve seen this in all sorts of top 10 lists, this is a pretty underrated film, how can any one like this, it’s one of the coolest films ever made. Aside from the whole boy befriending a giant robot story, it has great comedy, excellent character development, and one of the saddest endings in an animated movie.

7. Love Actually- I guess it makes a little sense that this film wasn’t as well received here than in the UK. The film is a love story told from 10 different points of view, I should also mention this is one of a few romance movies I enjoyed. And how do you get to see Hugh Grant dancing to 80’s pop…. Oh wait. (just for the record, I also enjoyed Music and Lyrics as well)

6. Hey Arnold: The Movie- I loved Hey Arnold growing up, I mean who didn’t? And when I heard they were making a Hey Arnold movie, I was already hyped, I know it doesn’t have the best story (that’s only because the films plot was made specifically as a TV special), but if the film made enough money, and they made the sequel, it would have been even better. But I still stand by it as an awesome film.

5. The Rocketeer- Yet another film from all sorts of top 10 lists, this film is so awesome and exciting. A guy (Cliff Secord) obtains a jet pack designed by Howard Hughes, and keep out of the hands of a Errol Flynn-like actor (Neville Sinclair). sadly nobody ever talks about it. Now in recent years I’ve heard that Disney is planning to make a sequel or reboot of the film, I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for a sequel. (Speaking of what ever happened to Billy Campbell?)

4. TMNT- Yeah, I’m one of the many people who enjoyed this movie. The film had great action, great voice acting (with Sir Patrick Stewart and the late Mako standing out ), and the film served as a great companion piece to the live action films (and to a lesser extent: the live action TV show).

3. Avalon High- This was a pretty epic film, it’s a Disney Channel movie based on a book (and a series of graphic novels) about modern reincarnations of King Arthur and his court. It’s one of several films that sparked my interest in Arthurian lore. The climax feels a little rushed but I can live with that. It’s exciting, suspenseful and kind of sappy, but still awesome.

2. That Thing You Do!- One of only three music-based comedies that I enjoy, when I was a kid I this is one of a dozen films I couldn’t get enough of, by the time I started getting older I forgot all about the movie, but in recent years started watching it again, and I even downloaded a couple of songs from the soundtrack, it’s a great film, and I hope to see it on TV again someday. 

1. Sky High- My god, why doesn’t anyone talk about this movie? It’s one of the coolest films Disney ever made (save for The Rocketeer and The Avengers). The film is about kids who go to a school for superheroes, THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!! For god sakes Bruce Campbell played the gym teacher! Plus, Disney owns Marvel now they could at least make some sequel comics or something.

And that’s my list of underrated movies. See you later, and have a happy and safe holiday.


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