Casey Jones

Casey Jones

I’m baaack! I thought I would take a break after Marvel Month, and I’ve decided I would do something special by review another fan film, something I haven’t done in a while.

In this review we’ll be looking at the movie Casey Jones, a movie about the TMNT character that tells people how much of a badass Casey Jones is. So, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the shtick about spoilers, so…(link:


Casey learned at a young age to channel his brutal urges into sports, but after being kicked off the local hockey team for excessive force during practice, Casey moves back in with his worrisome mother to seek solace at his boyhood home.

His retreat is soon interrupted though when a vicious gang of street punks, the Purple Dragons, savagely beat him with pipes for attempting to remove their graffiti. After narrowly escaping the encounter with his life.

Casey vows to single-handedly rid his neighborhood of crime. Armed with a golf bag loaded with clubs and sporting a fearful hockey mask, Casey stalks the alleyways by night, mercilessly trouncing any delinquents unlucky enough to cross his path. The misguided crusader soon goes off the deep end.

while fighting some carjackers Casey meets an unlikely ally from the sewers who is forced to intervene. After a comedic thwarting Casey and Michelangelo double-team to fight off some foot ninjas, Casey learns that his former team member (Sid) is one of them.

More Foot Ninja and Kraang attempts to attack attack the duo again, Sid knocks-out Casey but, Michelangelo takes the unconscious Casey to the sewers where the other turtles meet him (off-screen), Raphael takes an instant liking to his attitude.

Later, a couple of homeless men talk about how Casey’s doesn’t really exist, until he pop up and kick’s their asses; Casey goes back underground with the turtles with their pizza and have a good laugh.

The film is very impressive, the portrayal of Casey Jones is very spot on, the acting from the other actors was well executed. Until next time, ECTOPHASE ACTIVATE!

RANK: 5 out of 5


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