Top 10 James Bond Moments

Top 10 James Bond Moments

What can you say about James Bond? Well, what can’t you say about James Bond that hasn’t been said before? He’s the greatest secret agent there is. Irresistible to women, dangerous to his enemies (Yeah I’m quoting Austin Powers, but it’s still true). Last year the (film) franchise celebrated its 50th Anniversary, and since the blog didn’t exist last year I’m finally gonna share my favorite moments from the franchise, but just to save time I’ll just tell you 10 of my favorite moments. (PLEASE NOTE: These entries feature moments from the original series IE Connery thru Brosnan and at least one or two moments from the Craig era. Also there may be some minor spoilers from Skyfall, if you haven’t seen it yet go rent it before reading!).

10. Opening to Casino Royale- The first three minutes of Casino Royale, set the mood of the Craig era. Showing Bond taking down one of Dryden’s henchmen leading to a newly revamp gun barrel sequence and Bond earning his License to Kill. As well as being the first Gun barrel sequence in Black and White in 35 years.

9. “This Never Happened To The Other Fellow”- I know what you’re thinking: Is this guy crazy?! This joke was stupid! Well, I like this joke, and like above this sets the mood for this film (a campy romantic adventure film with a very unexpected ending) showing us that even George Lazenby knows he can’t fill the shoes left by Sean Connery.

8. John Cleese as Q (or R)- In The World Is not Enough John Cleese was introduced as Desmond Llewelyn’s pupil and replacement, now when we heard him say he was retiring we thought it was some kind of joke but, sadly it turned out we really weren’t going to see Desmond Llewelyn again (more on that later). Three years later, we get to see Cleese in action in Die Another Day, now at first Bond seemed a little uneasy with the new Q even going so far as calling him Quartermaster, but once he showed him his new gadgets, he was very impressed that he finally called him Q. I really hoped I would see him again Casino Royale , since they brought back Dame Judi Dench, but we wouldn’t see Q again until Skyfall (I sympathized with Craig when reacted to his introduction).

7. Connery VS Moore- OK, this wasn’t an actual moment in a film per se, but it’s a very noteworthy. In 1983 MGM and Warner Bros. announced that they both releasing James Bond movies that year (four month’s apart). Some people were looking forward to seeing Roger Moore and his hilariously named Bond Girl, but more people wanted to see Warner’s Bond for one reason only: Sean Connery. On June 6th people laughed they’re way to theaters to see Octopussy four month’s later We see the true 007 show us that age really is nothing but a number. as Never Say Never Again (slightly)surpassed Octopussy’s Box Office Record. Sorry Sir Roger, but nobody does it better… than Connery.

6. Death Beam Banter- one of the most iconic scenes in Goldfinger, where Goldfinger has Bond right where he wants him: strapped to a table with laser pointed at his groin, this leads to one of the most memorable (and parodied) scenes in the film:
Bond: Do you expect me to talk?

Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond I expect you to die!

5. Final Scene In Skyfall- Now I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really like the Craig era Bond films (at least the first two films), But’s that’s cause the most important things that make the James Bond films great: Banter with Miss Moneypenny. and a visit to Q Branch to see some nifty gadgets and more witty banter from Q. But in Skyfall I finally got what I wanted in a Bond movie Q’s back as a 30 year (I’m still warming up to that), Moneypenny is now played a black woman, which sets up some interesting possibilities , and M is once again a man (OK maybe not everything works), but I’m just glad Q and Moneypenny came back.

4. Rogue Agent- The entire story of License To Kill involves Bond wanting to get revenge against drug lord Franz Snchez for attacking his Felix Leiter and the murder of his wife. M (Robert Brown) revokes his Double-0 license. So he fled custody from MI6 to take on Sanchez by himself (with help from Q and Bond Girl Pam Bouvier). Aside from the theme, the reason I love this Bond Movie is the idea that it actually had a much deeper meaning to both us and Bond himself as we never truly had any closure with James Bond’s short-lived marriage. Everyone else gave great performances from Robert Davi. to young Belincio Del Toro.

By the way, why was Wayne Newton in this film?

3. Lady M- After a six-year hiatus we finally get a new action packed adventure in Goldeneye. The writers decided to make M a woman in honor of the real-life head of MI5: Stella Rimington. In the Brosnan era, Olivia Mansfield or M was pretty cold to Bond, going so far as calling him a dinosaur from the Cold War. That was not the case in the Craig era, here she was more of a motherly figure to Craig’s Bond. I loved her time as Bond’s superior, I was kind of hoping she would keep playing M for while maybe breaking the record left by Bernard Lee (despite the eye condition). Imagine my surprise when I saw Skyfall.

2. Desmond Llewelyn’s Last Moments- Let’s face it when you Desmond Llewelyn’s last briefing as Q, you get a little misty eyed. Now before the film came out Llewelyn said he was not retiring from the role, so when they announce Die Another Day (as bad as it is) we could still look forward to seeing Desmond again. Sadly tragedy struck when Desmond Llewelyn was killed in a car accident a week after The World Is not Enough was released. From his 1 1/2 minutes in From Russia With Love to giving parting advice to Brosnan, Llewelyn was an icon in his own right and even beyond the grave he will always be Q. So I’m sure you can understand why I was a little harsh on Ben Whishaw playing Q.

1. “We have all the time in the world”- Now I know out of all the James Bond films one of the weakest films must be On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but it had much more than camp and fourth wall scene’s, but it was much more than that. If you watched for the first time (in theaters) you had this feeling like it was going to be the last film. especially when you see that Bond decides to put MI6 behind him and just settle down with his wife, then in the end he had all of that taken away from him in one foul swoop. Just like above you just had to have been a little emotional seeing James tearfully cradling his wife’s body.

And that was my top 10 bond moments. Since the new fall TV lineup is starting soon I’ll give you my two cents on what new and old shows you should check out.


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