Let’s Roll Out!

So, recently I’ve discovered these old sketches I made (back in senior year) for a canceled Transformers comic I was planning on making. I had a lot of interesting ideas, like Rodimus being the main character, Optimus prime serve as a mentor figure to the young Autobot, Waspinator would make an appearance as a tragic hero. It’s pretty a good concept, sadly with school and, graduation some of my other ideas I sort of forgot about it.

But, I digress. I had recently purchased all three seasons of Beast Wars, one of my favorite TV shows and I’ve come up with very cool idea: to make a retrospective series chronicling the entire Transformers franchise (sans film series (possibly)), sort of in the vein of Linkara’s History Of Power Rangers.

But, it’s not going to start the show right this second, I wanna see how Cutting Room Floor goes. Then, in about a year or two, I’m gonna go ahead with the project.

That’s all for now!


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