How To Put This…

CFR Ep 1 Title Card

See that title card? This was going to be used for the first episode of Cutting Room Floor, which was scheduled to air last weekend. Well if none of you figured it out, Cutting Room Floor did not air on its scheduled airdate, I ‘m gonna level with you there are a lot of reasons. I was just too busy; in addition to putting off learning the editing software, creating and scheduling the show, mournig the loss of my grandfather, also it’s just me doing all of this, yeah I’m doing all of this by myself (Writing, Performing, etc.). Add Nostalgia Critic’s return, and the fact that I’m a full-time college student on top of that, and…well, yeah. Obviously that’s a really simplified version, but I hope that answers everything.

So, till further notice the series will be put on hold for a while. But I still have the blog, I can still do reviews here. If any of you decide to stop following the blog, I will understand.

Thank you for your time.

BTW I noticed I misspelled “Wars” in the titlecard, my mistake! I uploaded an older version of the card.


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