Top 10 Favorite Frasier Episodes


Sorry for the delay! I’m in the middle of editing and recording the first episode of Cutting Room Floor. Now as promised here are my top 10 favorite episodes of Frasier.

10. The Doctor Is Out (Season 11)- this was a very humorous episode involving a gay opera director played by Sir Patrick Stewart developing an interest in Frasier, and its pretty obvious to everybody, Niles tries to explain to Frasier, but he just takes as him being jelous.

9. Rooms With A View (Season 10)- This was one of those (somewhat) heartwarming episodes of the series. Basic premise is that Niles is going to undergo heart surgery and we see how everyone is coping. We also take a look at everyones trips to the exact hospital that Niles is being treated at, from Frasier reminiscing about a childhood incident between him and Niles to Martin finding out the devestating news about his wife. We also get a hopeful look at the future for Niles and Daphne.

8. Room Full Of Heroes (Season 9) – This was one of the shows many halloween episodes of the series and its the only one I actually like (mainly because I don’t like halloween). This episode gave great character development for Niles, who felt like Martin resents him and Frasier; there was also a few funny parts involving Roz dressed as Wonder Woman and some Trick-or-Treaters.

7. Momma Mia (Season 7) – A very strange and hillarious way to start the seventh season. So what happens is Roz sets Frasier up on a blind date at Cafe Nervosa, where Frasier meets a children’s author named Mia Preston (played by Rita Wilson), who just happens to look exactly like Frasier’s late mother. Niles and Martin recognizes this and tries to tell Frasier, but just like in number 10, Frasier doesn’t believes it, until he sees some old home movies with her mother on them and, was completely horiffied when he makes the connection.

6. Three Valentines (Season 6) – Possibly one of the funniest Valentine’s Day episodes of any TV Shows (excluding The Simpsons). The episode is shown in three segments, the first segment with Niles is actually considered one of the funniest ten minutes in television history. The entire segment involved Niles preparing for a date in Frasier’s apartment and some disasters occur while he cooks and irons his pants and looses control of the fire exstinguisher (did I mention this done in completed with just David Hyde Pierce and Moose the dog on set and with only classical music playing in the background). The other segments involved Frasier meeting the new marketing manager for the station and, the final segment involved a humorous dinner date between Daphne and Martin.

5. Our Father Who Art Ain’t Heaven (Season 4) – This was one of the few Martin/Frasier oriented episodes; Frasier gets into a heated arguement about Frasier paying for Martin’s movie ticket when Martin wanted to pay for it himself, then at a restaraunt where Frasier pays Martin’s dinner which leads to Martin to leave without paying for his meal. Martin then buys a painting from the restaraunt from the other night, but Frasier tells him that he hates the painting which makes Martin breaks down along with Frasier and Niles (who was crying for a completely different reason)

4. Martin Does It His Way (Season 3) – This episode was all about Martin, we learn that a relative of the Cranes has passed away, an aunt that no one in the family liked and Frasier and Niles have important jobs to do at the funeral (but neither are looking forward to it) Daphne also reveals a secret: Martin has a shoebox filled with songs that he wrote when he was young, and the boys work to help him eith his dream. All I can tell you about the episode is look up “She’s such a groovy lady” on Youtube.

3. The 1000th Show (Season 5) – This was a very awesome episode with plenty of twists and turns a long with a cameo from the (then) mayor of Seattle. The epsiode involves Frasier celebrating his 1000th radio broadcast and performing it live at the Seattle Space Needle, only problem? Frasier isn’t there! This is also the only episode to actually be filmed in Seattle, and as a little treat the credits show that seattle actually did hold a Frasier Day rally in 1997 with Kelsey Grammer performing the theme song with a barber shop quartet.

2. Goodnight Seattle (Season 11) This was without any doubt the best way to end the series, Frasier gets a job opening in San Francisco to host a daytime talk show ala Dr. Phil, but Frasier wants to be with his new girlfriend Charlotte in Chicago, all the while Frasier has to help out with Martin’s wedding. There’s also a major subplot where Niles and Daphne have their baby, David (named after one of the show’s creators who died on 9/11 along with his Wife, Lynn). The one thing I had a problem with was the fact that the episode series kind of ended in a cliffhanger with Frasier landing in Chicago instead of San Franscisco and just saying “Wish me luck.” But it was still a great episode I highly recomend it.

1. Every Cheers Crossover (Seasons 2, 3, 6, and 9) Yeah, I know I’m cheating but every crossover episode was hillarious, and the last Crossover in Season 9 also served as a fitting Finale for Cheers. If your a fan of both shows, or if you just like Cheers I also recomend these episodes.

And there you have my top 10 favorite epiosdes of Frasier hopefully some of your favorite episodes showed up on the list, now if you’ll excuse me, I have some editing to do.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Frasier Episodes

  1. Leslie August 26, 2013 / 11:32 pm

    Great picks!! I love that show 🙂

  2. Dan December 18, 2013 / 2:32 am

    Was just looking for a couple of episodes to watch on Netflix, after reading your list i think ima watch ‘Martin does it his way’ and ‘The 1000th show’

    Thanks 🙂

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