Sailor Moon Pt. 2

Heres part two of my Sailor Moon review. Blah, blah, blah, spoilers this, spoilers that (LINK:

This film starts off with Tuxedo Mask robbing a Jewlery store in search of the rainbow crystals, the alarm goes off and Sailor Venus (known as Sailor v at the time) thwarts him. The next day, we get to see Serena (who’s actually called Serena in this) oversleeping and watching Sailor V on TV, running late for school (as usual).

We then see Queen Beryl and her evil forces of the Negaverse, Beryl sends out Nephrite to find the Rainbow Crystals. At school, we’re introduced to Ami, a gifted young student whom made herself availible for tutoring (detention) for students who are failing (which Serena is reqired to go to). At tutoring, Ami gives the students a CD-Rom that contains a test for the students to take; Ami leaves for lunch when the students are transported to an unknown location.

Later on, Serena sees Ami eating her lunch alone and in back of the shool, Serena tries to befriend her. Later that day, Serena’s walking home from school and throws her test away, only to throw it at Darien (they never say his name), he picks it up and criticizes her and makes fun of her hair. When she gets home she finds her mother was waiting for her so she could see her test. When she sees the test, she throws Serena out of the house to study.

After that, Serena’s mom lets her back in and Serena lies down and takes a nap. When she wakes up, she sees Luna, who tells her that she is Sailor Moon and that she and the other gaurdians are destined to fight the evils of the Negaverse. Luna gives Serena her Moon Morpher and she morphs into Sailor Moon (correctly), Luna informs her that the students are being brainwashed and that Ami just happens to be at the school with them. So the two run to the school (in broad daylight).

When they arrive, they see Nephrite controlling the students with one of the Rainbow Crystals. He orders them to attack Sailor Moon but, she can’t bring herself to attack the students. The students then attack Ami, but Luna notices a symbol on Ami’s head; Tuxedo shows up for a hot second. While Nephrite’s being distracted, Luna gives Ami her Pen Morpher and she morphs into Sailor Mercury.

Ami attacks Nephrite which distracts him long enough for Serena to do her Moon Tiara Attack Finisher, and destroys him. Serena then looks out a window, wondering who that guy was, and why he wanted to help her, ending the film in a cliffhanger.

If I theres a word I could use to describe this movie it would be: “campy”, just as campy as it’s english adaptation; these people really stuck to the dubbed version alot. But there are some problems that should have been looked over, like the sound quality and, the fact that they used a green screen everytime Luna was on screen. If I had to choose between either one of these movies I would have to choose. the dark version, it may be dark and edgy but it was damn impressive.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna have some tossed salads and scrambled eggs

RANK 3 out of 5


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