Sailor Moon Pt. 1

Hey everyone! This is part one of the special two-part Sailor Moon review. OK, you know the drill: Spoilers, etc. (LINK: ). And before you start reading, yes I’m a fan of Sailor Moon. It was the first anime I ever saw and, I’m sure you’ve watched some embarassing things growing up to. So don’t judge!


1000 years ago in the Moon Kingdom, Queen Beryl and her evil forces of the Negaverse attacking the Moon Kingdom. Princess Serenity watchhes from her palace in sorrow when her lover Prince Endymion comes to inform her that he’s going to fight Beryl and the Negaforce, and will not make it back.

He also tells her that she and the gaurdians (Sailor Scouts) will be the only ones that stand in Beryl’s way(As the credits roll we see that Edymion proposed to Serenity before the war).

1000 years later Edymion (now reincarnated as Darien) goes jogging and we see Serenity (reincarnated as “Bunny T” screw it I’m calling her Serena) running late for school. I’m guessing 7 hours later (since the next time we see her she’s getting out of school), Serena walks out of school where Melvin comes up and sniffs her hair, we’re then introduced to Serena’s best friend Naru (What is with these names? It’s Molly!), she wants Serena to come with her to goof off, but Serena says that she’s grounded for getting bad grades, but Molly practically tells her “aw, come on!” and she goes with her.

On their way to the bus stop, Serena and Molly spots Luna, she criptically says to Serena “save the world”. Serena asks Molly if she heard it too, but she just says mehhh.

So they go to the local resturant/arcade where an employee (credited as Moto) works at (the girls are pining over him), helps Serena with an arcade game. Melvin just happens to show up at the resturant/arcade and flirts with the girls, Serena then realizes she’s late and has to get home, despite Molly’s plea’s not walk home alone.

Meanwhile, two police officers hear a report of a disturbance and go to check it out, Darien some how heard the message from across the street and runs to an ally way.

Serena is then cornered by a monster that looks like something off Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but luckily Luna shows up and gives her her Moon Morpher (I forgot what it’s actually called), and Serena becomes Sailor Moon, but that goes as well as you’d think.

Luckily again, the monster is hit by a red rose, Tuxedo Mask appears and aids Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask fights the monster (with a staff). Sailor Moon slices the monster’s head off with her creasant slash attack. The two officers show up to arrest the two, but Tuxedo Mask uses a smoke pellet to help him and Serena escape.

After the fight, Serena de-morphs and sees Luna in a shed. Serena then says her battlecry to the audience and the film ends with a cliffhanger.

If I could describe this film in one word it would be “dark”. This was a dark and gritty take on Sailor Moon, not to mention the characters, only two of the characters have their american names (only one of them is called by that name). The music was decent, and I know they tried their best with this film, but I just think they could have done better.

Look out for part 2

RANK 2 out of 5


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