Dead Television Review: That’s My Bush

Dead Television Review: That's My Bush

Here it is, the latest satire that needed to be discussed on this blog, the short lived series That’s My Bush! Actually this is a very unique satire as it isn’t really making fun of the Bush Administration, but is actually making fun of american sitcoms, from a laugh track, lame jokes, corny one-liners and, stock characters. Possibly the most shocking thing I found out during my reseaarch of the show, was that it was had possitive reviews.

So, you’re probably wondering how this came into fruition; well Comedy Central was still riding high with South Park and wanted creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make a new live-action comedy, so during the 2000 election, Parker and Stone were hope for Al Gore to win and came up with the show “Everybody Loves Al”, but production was delayed due to the final election results, so they had to wait until an official winner was determined. When Bush was announced the winner, production resumed and the show’s title was changed to “That’s My Bush”. Until the finale, but we’ll get there shortly.

So what’s this show about?

A zany saturized version of George W. Bush gets into wacky situations with his wife Laura, their friends and co-workers. And every episode would end with George saying “One of these days, Laura, I’m gonna punch you in the face!”

Each episode is a send off of old style sicoms and tropes from the 70s and 80s which played a big help with the cast and there ad-lib and riffing.

Now on to the finale. In one of my favorite episodes of the show, which just so happens to be the final episode, George screws up an important peace treaty, so Dick Cheney takes over as President, all the while George and Laura are look for work and a place to live in the of spin-offs (or sequels)

With George, Laura and, Maggie the maid there spin-offs were:
Moving On Down – A parody of The Jeffersons complete with token black guy
Teach Me Mr. B – A parody of Welcome Back Kotter only George was fired on his first day
Brewhaha – A parody of Cheers
Witty Banter – A parody of Veronica’s Closet or Just Shoot Me
White House Wrestler – I don’t think this has a counterpart
What A Dick! – This.

In the end George got back in the White House Cheney was back as Vice President and the show was cancelled. After the show, there were rumors that their was going to be a film adaptaion based on the show, Parker and Stone later confirmed this to be true, but in the wake of September 11th the film was cancelled.

Also I should point out the actor who plays Larry (Wacky Neighbor) went on to play the President on the Disney Channel series Cory in the house.

So that’s That’s My Bush! in a nutshell, stay tuned for Mighty Orbots.

RANK 4 out of 5


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