Dead Television Review: The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer

Dead Television Review: The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer

Alright everybody, as promised I’ve written a brand spanking new review! This time we’re taking a look at a very contoversial sitcom from 1998 called The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer (the P isn’t silent, but you don’t have to pronounce it that way), since this show is some what simillar to Heil Honey, I’m Home I won’t really talk too much about this. From the first minute the show was announced it began to spark controversies and protests from the NAACP.

The series stars Chi McBride (Before the fame) as an black English nobleman, who after some a bad gambling mishap was shipped to America with his manservant Niblet. He then goes to work for Abe Lincolin (Dan Florek) as his valet. The show was fillled with alot of (of that time) modern day refrences main jokes about the Clinton Administration, in fact in the first episode they actually out right mention the incident with Monica Lewinsky and, do a flash forward to the Clinton Administration.

Now a days if someone wants to actually watch Desmond Pfeiffer they could go to Youtube or if you want a good laugh look up the first episode of Clerks The Animated Series, they make a reference to the series. In fact that’s how most people are aware of the series, so Clerks TAS was good for something.

RANK 1 out of 5

Well that’s all for now. Maybe this week or next week I’ll tell you about That’s My Bush.


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