Nostalgia Critic’s Return, Dreamworks-uary, & Possible Film Project

So after five months without over-the-top laughter and new internet memes that everyone can’t help but to quote, Nostalgia Critic has returned to the inter-webs after being sucked into the Plot Hole in To Boldly Flee and becoming a disgruntled former child star. The first movie he reviewed in his new run was Odd Life of Timmothy Green, this was the movie that made him wanna bring back N.C., the movie that gave him the inspiration to make Review Must Go On. And of course the show was outstanding! He even kept the two actors from Demo Reel on to participate in the cutaways. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Welcome back Nostalgia Critic”. Tune in every two weeks for new episodes of Nostalgia Critic on

In other ThatGuyWithTheGlasses news if you loved Disneycember, then you’re gonna love this new animation company related month called Dreamworks-uary. All this month Doug will discuss the CG, 2D, and stop motion films that Dreamworks has to offer. so keep a look out for the Shrek review sometime tonight or tommorrow.

Before we get to this part I just wanna say this has nothing to do with Doug Walker or TGWTG.

Long before the blog I wanted to be a screenwriter (hell, I still do). Last summer I wrote a film based on one of my favorite Tokusatsu series Ultraman! All year I wondered how I would get the money to finance the film until finally, I recently found out that Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder is developing a movie starring everyones favorite black-white supremisist Uncle Ruckus. This discovery led me all the way to a website called Kickstarter, a website where anyone can donate money to a independent project (films, Video Games, Comics, Etc.). I might start one, but I’m still uncertain. I’ll keep you posted.


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