Return Of The Nostalgia Critic

So if you haven’t heard Doug Walker’s flag ship series Nostalgia Critic is coming back with brand new episodes next month.

So if you didn’t see the video heres what happened; It starts off as a new episode of Demo Reel, Donnie starts noticing some strange things arround the studio. Things get even stranger when everybody starts disappearing; except for Carl who turns into Dino-Rob!

We then see Doug at his house writing the episode and is having some trouble trying to think of what to write next. He then recieves a (possibly) pirated copy of Odd Life of Timmothy Green, after one viewing he goes into a complete tirade over how bad the film was (A feeling he hasn’t felt in a while).

He then relizes he misses doing Nostalgia Critic and so he consoles his friends and they tell him that the desicion is up to him and him alone. So he starts watching his review of Doomsday Machine and while this is happening the Critic begins to haunt him following him everywhere he went. Finally Doug caved in and finally sat down and talked to his alter-ego. He decieds to bring back the show, but the following rules were made:

1. Every episode would air every two weeks, so Doug can have more time to work on the jokes.

2. The cut-off date would be lifted. Now he can review movies from the modern day as well (as long as there not in theaters).

3. The first movie he reviews is Odd Life since it inspired him to bring back the show.

NC accepted these rules and Doug goes back to writing what is now the final episode of Demo Reel, where we learn that Donnie is was really the Critic the entire time, he was offered a choice to either remain in Demo Reel or continue being Nostalgia Critic; I don’t think I need to tell you what he chose.

NC wakes up in his (new) studio and dons his outfit once again as he proudly proclaims: “Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic. And I’m BACK to remembering it so you don’t have to!”.

So tune into on Feb. 5th for the triumphant return of The Nostalgia Critic.


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