Dead Television Review: Heil Honey I’m Home


Alright! Now for this post we’re gonna try something a little diffrent today we’re gonna review a TV Show that very few people are aware of, a show about wait for it… Hitler and Ava Braun living in a flat next to a jewish couple, called: Heil Honey, I’m Home!

The show premiered in the U.K. on the Galaxy Network on Sept. 30th 1990 after an episode of Dad’s Army. A caption at the beginning of the episode presented the series as a ‘lost’ sitcom from the ’50s, recently re-discovered. The show spoofed elements of 1950s and 1960s American sitcoms such as The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy, as well as other elements including a corny title, vacuous plots and dialogue, and unwarranted applause whenever a character appeared on-screen.

If you wanna check out the only episode ever aired here’s the link: ( If you feel unconfortable either watching the video or reading the post that’s quite alright.

So in the first and only episode of the show Adolph Hitler and his wife Ava Braun are preparing for a visit from british Prime Minister Nevel Chamberlain while at the same time trying to keep thery’re next-door neighbors the Goldenstiens away from their home.

The Goldenstiens at this timeare trying to set they’re niece up with Nevel. On a side-story, Nevel wants to get Adolph to sign a treaty that orders him to abort his plans to invade Euroope.

There were seven other episodes that were filmed but remained lost (for real) the other episodes include an episode with Mr. Goldenstien posing as Hitler and a story line involving Adolph and Ava trying to kill the Goldenstiens without them knowing. This show is just… I don’t know if there’s an actual word to describe this. If you’re the kind of person who likes (and/or remembers) That’s my bush or Desmond Pfiffer you’d get a kick out of this.

And to quote Brad Jones (who also reviewed the show): To the owners of the series: you might as well release the other seven episodes we know the show exists, theres no point in trying to pretend it never haappened.

RANK: 1 out of 5


Thanks to YouTube user Paul Carmichael, we now know the names of the missing episodes of Heil Honey I’m Home. I also added some brief summaries of what I assume certain episodes were about.

The Pilot – See above for synopsis.

1. Hitler Moves In – I presume this explains how the Hitler’s moved to their apartment.

2. Eva’s New Shelves

3. Ziggy Comes Home

4. The Mom Who Came To Dinner – I’m guessing we’d meet Rosa’s mother, much to Arnie’s chagrin.

5. A Close Shave For Adolf – This may have been the episode where Arnie impersonates Hitler.

6. Hitler in the Closet

7. Without Prejudice – I presume this would be the climax to the “Kill the Goldenstein’s” arc.


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