Sonic Fan Film

Sonic Fan Film


Sonic The Hedgehog is a popular nostalgic video game icon who spent over 20 years of his pixelated life fighting the evil Dr. Robotnik (who for some reason started going by Eggman) from you guessed it, taking over the world (OF COURSE!).

For over 20 years we’ve seen this adventure in all forms of media (Animation, Comics and, Anime) except for one form: live action. Now here we are in 2013 we finally get a live action Sonic movie but, was it worth all the hype? Lets find out!


The film opens on Planet Mobius, (Sonic’s homeworld thoughout the franchise… I think. I don’t know if they mentioned this in the games.) where Dr. Robotnik (originally known as Julian Kintobor); launching a full attack on South Island and roboticizing all the anthropomorphic animals that live there.

The film cuts to three years later where we finally see Sonic (voiced by Jaleel White, for the first time since ’99) kickin some E-100 ass and saving Doug Walker’s life (I’m not even joking!).

So after that we some G.U.N. (Gaurdian Unit of Nations) soldiers getting ready to sneakily blow Robotnik’s Egg Carrier out of the sky. Of course he knew this and sent out his legion of Badniks to kill the troop, when Sonic comes in and takes down the bot’s. Sonic introduces himself to the soldiers who in turn refer to Sonic as the “Blue Blur” (a term everyone uses throughout the film), also Sonic starts to playfully flirts with one of the lady soldiers (a sutble refrence to the crappy Sonic ’06).

After a few more scenes of Sonic kicking more ass than any cartoon character and a (slightly) overkill sequence involving a missle, we see Robotnik discovering a Chaos Emerald, he states that he has found 3 and that theres 4 more to go.

The G.U.N. soldiers then talk about letting Sonic join them in the fight against Robotnik, but one of the soldiers (named Anthony) seem to have something against talking animals. But girl soldier #1 (credited as Nova) puts him in his place.

And the film ends where the first game begins with Sonic running around the Green Hill Zone, while Knuckles watches him for a distance.

So, what do I think of the film? It was okay, just okay. No more, no less. Its not perfect, but it was the best they could do. The acting was fine, the effects were decent, the Sonic desighn was very unique, the cameos (from Brentalfloss, Egoraptor, Jim Rolfe and, Doug Walker). were somewhat unnecessary, and possibly two of the biggest issues with the film (at least this is what the fans say is wrong) was Knuckles’ hand and Sonic’s lip movement.

Now alot of people said this film was terrible, but hey, at least they tried. And in the end thats all we can say about it. Unless your
Yuji Naka (creator of Sonic) in which case its a masterpiece.

If this isn’t made into a full length film this would at least make for a good TV show.

RANK 3 out of 5


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